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What if --Sparkly People----ruled the world?

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Saturday, May 30, 2020

-very disturbing violence happening---
Last evening I watched most channels on TV --and watched such sad things happening-
I try very hard to stay away from Politics on here--I try to focus on Sparkly stuff--

I have to mention , however, how I, as a Canadian , feel----- kinda sick at heart!
It makes me want to cry--

I want to cover my head--make it go away--"-totally unfair"----I want change---

All I can do, I suppose--is try to make things right in my wee corner of the world--
I pray that I will take the time to see other people's dilemma---even that is hard sometimes!

So, I spark--- I dream of someday of having a slim body-- so I spark----
What if overweight people were segregated? --We are still people with families--with huge hearts who are trying to be healthy.

So, I have a heavy heart!---I understand the violence-- I don't agree with violence---but--I understand "the why" of it!
Perhaps Sparkly People should rule the world--- What if we were singled out, because we look different---were all obese---

We understand how it feels--
We are ordinary people who know what is fair---

-and to top it all off--- If we ruled the world--all people would be healthier!
Lord love a Duck! ---By George! WE really could do it--I think!

I feel better already!----the perfect solution!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Praying for change
    26 days ago
    I do weep and pray
    30 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Right there with you!
    30 days ago
    When I think things are getting a bit better in general for most of the world, then something comes up that takes everything down. So very sad, sorry, heartbroken.
    30 days ago
    Thanks for your post, as usual, I really enjoyed your point of view.
    We all need more emoticon and to emoticon
    31 days ago
    I just keep praying, and, like you, Sparking. Sigh.
    31 days ago
    Yes yes yes. I appreciate your Canadian voice -- as a Canadian too, I don't agree with violence but we have to understand the why of it and work together to change that why.
    32 days ago
  • JLAMING263
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    32 days ago
    So sad for all. This violence makes me feel like we are living in the twilight zone. Like your solution!
    32 days ago
    good morning to all
    32 days ago
  • 2DAWN4
    Well said!!!! My heart is breaking with all of the violence!
    32 days ago
  • JERICHO1991
    Yes, good solution.
    33 days ago
    Doing the best I can do in my small corner of the world.
    33 days ago
    I understand the protests, but not the violence. So very sad!
    33 days ago
    Many people are upset and want to demonstrate with signs and showing up. Then there are people that show up to cause trouble. The damage is done because these just show up to loot, destroy, and do damage. They don’t care why people are there they just use that as a front for stealing.

    Prayers for all
    33 days ago
    I am so saddened by what is going on. If everyone could see that ALL lives matter, not just this group or that group. EVERYONE matters.
    I have recently seen signs posted in a couple of yards that says "Hate has no home here." I have adopted this with a minor change. " Hate has no home in my heart." I have found more peace since I remind myself of this every day.
    If this changes one perosns life, then I am glad I shared it.
    33 days ago
    Very sad that people are destroying their own neighborhoods and burning down their jobs! Glad to have a positive site like Spark People!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    33 days ago
    I can't add to what has already been said. Just so sad. Praying for God's mercy for all.
    33 days ago
    You're the Little Engine that Could! emoticon
    33 days ago
    Last night the news was so unusual. Watching something as amazing as the rocket launching since nine years ago. Then showing people using a horrible lost as an excuse to destroy and harm more people. On main streaming, it was showing the men protecting their home/business by standing out front with very big guns......and that's so scary in itself! Stay inside , people. Hummm, heard those words fifty years ago due to Kent State
    33 days ago
    Such a great idea, and explained well. Absolutely, right now, the world is gone CRAZY! The violence is not acceptable at Any Time! And using an excuse for bad behavior, BECAUSE you, meaning the crazies out there, are upset....it's like my Mom used to say " Two Wrongs Do Not Make it Right!"

    So yes, I agree Sparkies would have a better handle on people, attitudes, and so much more...because we lived it!

    33 days ago
    I understand the unfairness and think it needs to change but I do not understand the violence and looting of other people who may support the cause. These are innocent people they are not the people to hurt. Peaceful and consistent actions speak more loudly.
    33 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    33 days ago
  • HEDSTS58
    It's unbelievable how insane the world has become. Not just in America but everywhere. The violence and prejudice that is happening in my country is disgusting. Like you, I understand the violence. I don't condone it but I understand it. What is wrong with people. We are all human beings.
    33 days ago
  • no profile photo RACHNACH
    33 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    I watch as little of the news as I can these days. Our whole country is spinning off its axis. We are living through deeply troubled times. The world is trying to find a new normal in dealing with this virus. Now there is the violence all across our country because men whose sworn duty to protect us take matters into their own hands and a man is dead. I fear for our children and our grandchildren what kind of world will be left for them to live in. I pray every night that this craziness comes to a peaceful conclusion.
    33 days ago
    33 days ago
    I've thrown myself into to Spark to try and maintain my sanity.
    33 days ago
  • CKOUDSI617
    I've never cried so much in my LIFE as I have these past several months! I have to ration my news-watching now. Watch less, pray more and try to remember that most people are good. All the "band-aids" have been ripped off. We have to change from the highest levels on down or we can never begin to recover and heal.
    Stay strong!
    33 days ago
    Enjoy your day!

    emoticon emoticon
    33 days ago
    It has all gone crazy now. This is the time I am so glad we do not have TV any more.
    33 days ago
  • no profile photo MLR_00
    Stay safe, stay healthy
    33 days ago
  • THOMS1
    It is indeed terrible when peaceful protests turn violent. It happened in Madison Wi yesterday and was peaceful until people from out of state were called in and then everything turned violent with smashing windows, looting businesses, setting fire to a police car. This event reminds me of the 60's with all of the protests and the racism. I thought things had gotten better over the years but evidently not. Violence begets violence. Violence is never the answer. emoticon
    33 days ago
    Heavy heart is right. Where is the love? Watching news is so sad right now. So, I go for a walk, breathe fresh air and count my blessings. Will I see my US relatives again? Not for a while. May Covid-19 pass into the history books and calm return. Keep Sparking!
    33 days ago
    My son read that 80% of the arrest in one area were of white people from out of state who came to cause trouble for the peaceful protesters. If that is true for even one area, it’s one too many. My heart aches for those who are continually targeted due to the color of their skin. I pray to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. May God help us to forge peace and unity by the things that we say and the things that we do.
    33 days ago
  • UPTOIT59
    It is true, it is difficult to keep politics out of things now-adays, it is everywhere. Life down here in the lower 48 has become a battle zone long before the death of George Floyd in MN. All the people who are fed up are acting out - out of frustration. Like you said, Lynda what if it were you who was singled out? Thin- privilege , as opposed to white-privilege? It is sad that is has come to this but when African-Americans tried peaceful protest they got slammed too. Isn't it easy to shake your head when it isn't your life? emoticon
    33 days ago
    How can lawlessness bring justice to lawlessness? No way it can. Adding such an event to job loss and future uncertainty only fuels the fire, but riots only add to the disruption and stress. Where will it end? As you say, each of us can control our own actions and do what we can.

    Have a sparkly day.
    33 days ago
    All we can do is pray and let God handle this situation
    Have a sparkly day.
    33 days ago
  • no profile photo BRENDAJACKSON2
    One thing about being older - we don’t have to grow up in this world of violence. Not like this when we grew up. Fortunately the one demonstration we had In Toronto was nowhere near what the US is getting. Let’s just spark & be happy!
    33 days ago
    I have nearly stopped watching the news because they don’t report anything positive. The news industry has become an entity of doom and gloom. Unlike our Spark world which is filled with such awesomeness that we should be on the news. I can dream. It would be such a nicer place if everyone would do into others...

    Great blog today. I am going to go hug my fur babies and go for a quick walk before heading off for church.


    33 days ago
  • JILLIAN0216
    I live in MN where it all started. I makes me sick. This is not the MN I know and love. l am glad you understand the violence being I don't understand it. They are claiming this is justice for the fallen. I don't remember reading to destroy your community in the definition of justice. I do understand the anger over what happened. Yes, be angry and want change. Please go about it in the proper why. For now, I will pray for an end to come quickly to all the violence.

    33 days ago
    Very sad at what has happened I know they are looting but as I read somewhere that even peaceful protests are disliked. Mentioned Colin Kaepernik still does not work. Just praying for peace for all.
    33 days ago
    I've been trying not to watch the new so much because I've had it up to my eyeballs with all this coronavirus stuff. I spent part of yesterday/last night watching the news. They were rioting and looting and setting fire to Philadelphia, where I work and I live about half an hour away from. Stressing me out. I feel so sad about all the current events oh, but I don't know why or how doing all this destruction helps the situation.I turn the TV off and I'm hoping for a better day and a more peaceful world.
    33 days ago
    We call can make a difference by spreading the acceptance SparkPeople offers us all!
    33 days ago
    When I do watch news it is the evening one around dinner time. Otherwise I have music on or other shows that are not so depressing. Hope you have a great day!
    33 days ago
    Would be nice to see some good news for awhile!
    33 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    We never seem to learn. Each incident of violence gets worse and worse each time. I think we need to get back on our knees (those of us who can) and ask the Good Lord to see if we can go back to a more peaceful mindset and actions. This is plain horrible. I agree an egregious deed was done to George Floyd, but this violence and destruction does nothing but but build on the racism and hatred of the world. emoticon emoticon
    33 days ago
    I agree with you!! My daughter and son-in-law participated in the Chicago protests. They are very socially active, peaceful protesters, they are passionate about a better life for all, not just some and I admire that. I was very worried though until I knew they were home safe.

    I have not watched the video of that officer on that poor man's neck and I won't. Just reading about it scarred me. If I watch it and hear that man beg for his life, it will ruin me. I have friends and family members in the police force who are are also sickened by this so I hold on tot the fact that there are good people out there.

    Big hugs!

    33 days ago
    Stop the world I want to get off.
    33 days ago
    We could
    33 days ago
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