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Back home again...

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Hello everyone,

Yep, I'm back home finally in Missouri. It was a long ride back yesterday with several stops along the way, as it should be with an ole cripple and a little dog needs to stretch their legs.

While leaving my son and his family behind, it won't be long before seeing them again, I don't believe. They will be heading to Illinois this weekend to visit some friends who just had a baby. While it's still a 4 hour trip, it's not as long as the trip to Kentucky and back. Besides, we couldn't pack everything we needed to bring back into our car. So, we're going to be meeting them in St. Louis for lunch and a short visit before heading back home again. Then there will be their wedding in November. We're all still hoping that won't be cancelled.

The truth of this trip is that I didn't do well on plan. Most of it had to do with being isolated due to the COVID-19. There was just no motivation to go out walking when the weather was nice, which was MAYBE every other day, it seemed. When you can't even go shopping to get steps in, or even just walking in a mall, it makes it hard to want to do anything as well.

That's all past now. I'm home. The gyms here are all open to the public on a limited basis. I can go shopping whenever I choose to go now as I have a vehicle, which I didn't have there.
I can work on getting this extra weight that I've gain back off again and get back on track again.

Then I need to make a decision about next month. My mother is living with my brother in Iowa. Closer than Kentucky, yet still about 6 to 8 hours away by car. She has Alzheimer's. She still knows who I am, even though we haven't seen each other for 6 months or so. But my brother says she's going downhill fast. Or so he believes.
My feelings are to go and live with them for at least a month. My brother is fine with this since he is a trucker and is on the road for 24 hours at a time. He's also thinking of nursing homes for her at this time.

It's not fair for him to have all of this responsibility by himself. Especially when he had it with our father back in '97. Different story...

I would basically be back where I was in Kentucky though. Without transportation to a gym, even if I could afford it. So I need to make a decision about this idea now.
Either way, we will be going to see our mothers over July 4th. My mother is 81. Philip's mother is 84. We won't have them forever. His mother is in the same city as my mother.
Decisions, decisions....

Welcome home, Jules...

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