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I turned 57 yesterday...

Monday, May 18, 2020

Yesterday was my 57th birthday. My family celebrated it with me Friday and Saturday - my husband had to fly out of town on my birthday for work. We had a great time on the boat, enjoyed a delicious meal and watched a movie together. My son and his fianceé' brought their two dogs with them and stayed overnight. A cool Spark accomplishment: I went over the 100,000 fitness minutes mark on my birthday!! Woohoo!! And, after everyone left, I finished planting my veggie garden. I planted zucchini, tomatoes, jalapenos, habaneros, eggplant, and herbs. My mint came back again - I have been enjoying it for a couple months now. I always reflect on the past year on my birthday - what happened during the year, how I improved and what I want to work on for the next year. This past year was a strange one... indeed! On my birthday month, I was told I probably had cancer in my lungs, spleen and spine. It wasn't a great way to start my birth year! I proceeded to go to many Doctors and have many tests done, including a spine biopsy and a bone marrow biopsy. At the same time, I was dealing with a lot of lower back pain. This pain is what led to a MRI which led to them finding "metastic deposits" in my spine. The whole time I felt fine, and had no symptoms of cancer. I didn't believe I had cancer, and decided not to tell anyone what was going on. I didn't want people to worry for no reason, especially my parents. Well, it proved to be the right decision. I do not have cancer, I have sarcoidosis. I also have no symptoms. My oncologist sent me to Univ of Penn. I don't have an appointment until 9/4. So, I looked it up on line. It is an autoimmune disease. The cause is unknown. It goes away with some people, some it lingers, some it can get pretty bad. Two important life habits that help immensely are diet and exercise. And, that's where I lucked out and may be the reason I feel fine. It calls for a vegetarian diet with no white flour or white rice or dairy. I have been eating this way for 1 1/2 years! (No meat for 5.5 years). Exercise is evenly important. I fast walk 4 miles per day! I didn't have to make any drastic changes. And, I feel the best I have been since my son got sick 7 years ago! I also thought about how I felt when I was told they thought I had cancer all through me. I was sad for my parents, but, fine for myself. I thought about what I wanted to do differently - I could not think of a thing. So, all in all, I had a really good year! Pretty intense, but good. I feel healthy, am enjoying my walks and staying busy. And, I am back down to the weight I was before my son got sick. In the meantime, I will leave with a picture of my sweet Roxy. She is now 12 years, 7 months. She has arthritis and thyroid issues, can hardly hear - but, still doing well...and, a picture of me- wearing a t-shirt designed by another mother who lost her daughter to anorexia.
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