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Is this a diet or a lifestyle change? Health or stress? You pick!

Monday, May 11, 2020

I have joined the BLC Team. The mini-team I chose is like Bootcamp. It demands accountability and work commitment! It has structure but is individualized. All of us are different and have different goals and needs. We all have different health-wise.

It has taken me years for me to even think about joining a challenge like this. Whether I succeed is not important. Let me explain.

I am hoping that all of us here and on Sparkpeople can share what is working and not working with our plans, our goals, and what we are working on.

It doesn't matter if it works or not. I believe it matters we share what we learn. It matters not just for who we share with, but for ourselves as well. Many times blogging and sharing on chat helps me understand myself better. I want to be a better person, not just weightless. I want to be healthier not look like a model Although wouldn't that be nice. Lol. I want to be prettier inside not just on the outside. This is an inside job. I believe when I focus on my journey, goals, and my work I reach a higher level of health. That has been my experience. The result is the pounds just go down. Why is that? Because I am less stressed out. It is my focus that matters. I want to learn from every one of us. I have my insecurities and have failed miserably and suffered. I still agonize over things. I hope we can let down our guards and share with each other.

Me first,
As I told you I dropped 4 pounds a few days ago. I didn't lose fat, obviously. It was body composition. I changed the way I was eating. I forced myself to drink 8-10 glasses of water instead of 6 almost 8. I stopped eating all sugary and sweet foods (although I did have a piece of birthday cake. Please don't fault me.) I stopped all animal fat and sparingly ate olive oil. I ate healthy and normal. Most of all I refused salty food of any kind. The result I lost 4 pounds. You would think it would happen in a couple or three days' time, but it took 2 weeks. I gained back two of those pounds in the past 3 days because I've been eating salty foods again and sneaking some oily chicken. But I will try my best to avoid them. Philippine food is full of salt. Mainly because it is the culture based on our intensely hot climate. I do need some salt but not the amount I was eating. So, I will try harder! This is really hard. I don't always cook for myself. Sometimes I impulsively just eat what is put in front of me. No, no, no! I need to remember my goals. I gained 10 pounds in four months. This is a very bad trend. I know before I know it the pounds will creep up. Before I can take a breath I will be 50 pounds heavier. This has happened before. I will not let this happen again!! Thank the Lord for this challenge!!

Who is next? No really? Please blog or share it on your team. Or if you cannot just journal privately.

Let's make this happen!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You’ve inspired me to start blogging again. I, too, look to SparkPeople to guide me in making changes. When I read blogs, it helps me to clarify my thoughts and move forward. Great blog!
    425 days ago
    Way to work on what works and what doesn't and try to put it all together for a healthy long-term lifestyle. I understand the weight gain in the blink of an eye ~ boom 12 pounds in December and still struggling to get it off. I need to work harder on the dietary part ~ walking or some exercise every day and water is always included in my day. This time of stay home is starting to get very stressful which is bring on the comfort food for me - let's do this! emoticon
    438 days ago
    Best wishes to you with the challenge!

    We live and learn. I've learned that a number of foods were not serving my body. And, my body is also quite sensitive to salt and carb intake. As adrenal function appears to be improving, my body's salt tolerance appears to be better as well. Still need to remain aware of my salt intake though.
    438 days ago
    438 days ago
    I am on the Camo Crew this round of BLC. I have a list of NO NO FOODS this round plus I added a couple. I know I am not going to be perfect, but it is food that I can get along without. I decided to play a little $$$$ game to see how that works. I also find it helpful to use the nutrition tracker. I rarely do any blogging. I find it more helpfull to use that time for exercise. I always try to keep moving.
    438 days ago
  • BECCA315
    I joined the Biggest Loser Challenga a few years ago, and sometimes knowing that I’m accountable to others is all that keeps me going...
    438 days ago
    Is it too late to join this challenge - do you have a link?
    438 days ago
    I've always eaten a very low sodium diet and don't generally have a sweet tooth, altho' if I start on chocolate I've been know to eat it all so it doesn't temp me another day LOL! The thing is, I've never gained weight by doing that last one, because it is few and far between. I hardly ever eat out, and so I cook all of my meals and as I LUV veggies (and fruit), they are plentiful on my plate. I don't often eat dressings/sauces however I do eat gravy which is mostly made by pureeing some vegges and lentils with stock and the meat brownings. I don't drink alcohol, either, so don't have 'wasted' calories. I have been maintaining for a few years and in that time I still weigh all of my food and enter it into the Nutrition Tracker to ensure that I stay there. I find it more enlightening to be adding each meal to the Nutrition Tracker after each meal (which allows me to take future nutrition for the day) rather than waiting till the end of the day and suffer an unpleasant surprise.
    438 days ago
  • LPORTER2015
    Great blog post and good luck!
    438 days ago
    It's an adventure for sure!
    438 days ago
  • JERICHO1991
    Yes, let's make this happen. I have chosen to never give up. Strive to make each day better, but acknowledge the bad without beating myself up. Let's keep striving, and enjoying the successes.
    439 days ago
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