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Be Patient With Yourself

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Ha Ha! FINALLY!!!!
I'm finally 20lbs. DOWN!!!

I am on CLOUD 9!!!! I was starting to feel like I was NEVER going to get past that 215 mark! But here I am at 210.8! I'm doing it!!! If there's 1 thing I've learned, it's to be patient with yourself! I was getting so frustrated, I had been working out, eating right on SP every single day for about 7 weeks with very little change after the first week and a half.

I'm sure many thought I was gone... fell off the old wagon again... but... No! I just took a step back from Sparkpeople. It was consuming my everything! I was working so hard on losing the weight, focusing on every little morsel of food I stuck in my mouth, watching the scale, exercising like a beast! And NOTHING was changing. Finally, I just said "No! I've got to take a break from all this!" So, I stepped back.

I haven't eaten the "cleanest". But I've tried to watch my portions, and I've remained active. I've been mindful of WHAT I'm doing and constantly reminding myself that I want to be thinner. One thing is for sure, SP has given me the tools to do this and be successful... I just have to apply it. I told myself, when I got over that hump (of 215lbs.) then, I would get back on SP.

(Not that I ever really fully "left") So, what's my plan now?? I think I'm going to focus on adding some strength exercises into my daily activities and cardio (mainly the treadmill on Saturdays), and water aerobics and some swimming 2 or 3 days during the week. I'm going to continue to be mindful of my foods (not so sure I'm going to consume myself with tracking everything I eat, just yet.) If I gain some, then I'll try to take a look at the food tracker again. I just feel like when I'm tracking every single calorie (in & out) that I have NO time for much of anything else in my life. Does anyone else ever feel that way?

Anyways... Be Patient with Yourself! Keep working at it (even small efforts) and it will happen!

I STILL have not had any sodas! It's been 10 weeks with NO SODAS & 8 weeks NO SMOKING!!! 2 of the BEST CHOICES EVER (and of course making the decision to LOSE WEIGHT - which has also been 10 weeks).
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