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Week 4 shopping in lockdown...

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

This morning, I got out my sewing machine and found a pattern for face masks. I already have plenty of fabric, so that part was easy. The 20 minutes turned into far longer, as I am pernickety when it comes to sewing. It also turns out that I had forgotten I have a ‘large’ head, so had to adapt the mask as it kept flipping forward when I tried it on. Anyway, as I had shopping to do, the mark one mask had to do...

Delightful, not, but fit for purpose, ish!!

We made a list, i filled out my online ‘attestation’, I grabbed gloves, the mask, a spray, phone and car key.

I drove off to the first shop, Grand Frais which sells mainly fresh food. Remembered everything except for bags. Then the stress began... the lockdown rules state that only one person per family is to shop at a time, who’d have thought!? That mask? Well, I wear glasses, so they kept steaming up and to boot I got hot and sweaty, then I also had to play ‘dodgems’ with those who had obviously not heard about the social distancing in force. My stress levels were up and I gave up in there in the end, although I did get most of what I had listed, other veggies I can pick up from the village shop if need be.

Next, time to grab a few bits from Casino Géant, a hypermarket on my way home. Here, they were letting in one person at a time, so far so good, but the security guy had a mask, hanging around his neck, but not on his face and he objected when I pointed this out to him. ‘Whatever’, he let me in and in I went, begloved and bemasked... They had compost! Yay, our seedlings will have a new home as they grow! I also grabbed coffee beans, porridge oats, more eggs, cheese and washing liquid, as my glasses continued to steam and I avoided the happy couples, oblivious to the potential hazards they were. I got to the till, a surly cashier, more interested in checking her watch every few seconds than being of great help and the person in front of me who queued before having all her shopping and kept diving back to the shelves for more and who paid by cheque ( customers requested to pay by banker’s card to minimise contact - come on!) My turn to pay - just lift that 40 l bag of compost (40kg+) so I can scan the base. Me - I do think so, how about you use that hand scanner? I duly got right out of her way and she came to scan the bag.

Boy, was I glad to get out of that shop! Where have these people been hiding the last few months? Hello! Social distancing, consideration for others, single person outings.....

I didn’t dare take my blood pressure when I got home, just hugged Zaba, our Great Dane, brought in the shopping bags, washed everything, put away food in the larder, fridge and freezer, then sat down with a coffee, followed by a hot shower before cooking chilli and garlic chicken with red pepper, broccoli and onion on a bed of noodles. Then we had fresh strawberries and blueberries with Greek yoghurt and another calming coffee before sparking.

We have enough food for probably 3-4 weeks. That suits me. I’m happy to keep outings to walking the dogs and a short walk to the village shop and butcher if need be, maybe once a weeK or less!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yes, be sure and keep outings to a minimum We are
    58 days ago
    Reading this makes me so glad we grow and process most of our stuff. We went shopping yesterday and the husband went in. He said in our small town, it wasn't bad and people were pretty good about minding rules. I just don't want to go anywhere for a while, either!!!
    58 days ago
    Yes my son said the checker at Jewel said I have to get out of here after she messed up our rewards entry. She berated a disabled bagger employee. YIKES!!! emoticon
    58 days ago
    Yes, everybody is feeling the stress levels out there! JF went for groceries at a big store on Monday and said it was surreal and he was shook! We often ask each other at the end of the day how we are feeling about stuff because he reads the news. I do not read the news nor listen to it on the radio, and have not for a couple of years, but if one is on Facebook you do get news stories on your feed and you do glimpse the headlines even if you scroll quickly.
    So far, we are seeing people becoming hyper aware of social distancing, but it seems totally lost of ppl who work in the grocery stores! I had several employees get way too close to me on my last trip. Those folks who still have jobs and see the public every single day are the ones who are most at risk, yet they do seem a little oblivious.
    I have not gone out with a face mask yet. I still see one neighbour for a walk about once a week. We walk 6 feet apart, although she, at 70 years of age, doesn't seem to be concerned at all about keeping her distance and often will get too close to me and then I slow up to let that distance grow again, then she slows down to let me catch up! LOL!! Yesterday I had to ask her to mind the gap!
    Thankfully we live out in the country and there are few people. Thankfully we live near a small town with no infected people (as far as we know), and thankfully in Canada the curve looks like it is starting to flatten. I feel sorry for our U.S. neighbours though. I read a riveting article online yesterday about Trump's too slow reaction and not taking things seriously enough in the beginning which is causing astronomical rates of new cases daily.
    Here is the link to the article in The Atlantic:
    58 days ago
    LOL My mask was too big for my small head. My glasses stemmed up too, The store was out of wipes...so glad I took my own. The store I picked had very little amount of people which was a plus.I am like you-rather stay home!
    58 days ago
  • no profile photo CD924924
    It's a tough time, for sure. Especially for the workers who are exposed multiple times a day. Stay safe.
    58 days ago
    Oh so sorry you encountered so many cranky people - It just must have been your turn. Next time all the sweethearts will wait on you. Don't dogie hugs help?

    Thank you for the kind words, too, on my latest portrait. I've accepted a commission to do a dog portrait! Cool beans, eh?
    58 days ago
    58 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    I am stressed just reading this. emoticon

    I hope you don't need to go out again soon!
    59 days ago

    Reading about the experiences of people who have to shop in large stores makes me glad that I live in the "middle of nowhere". I shopped a week ago in the grocery store in our county seat, and stopped last night for a couple of things in the store in town. Both stores were fairly well stocked, people in general were pretty good about the social distancing. I suppose it helps that, so far, no one in our county has been tested positive for the virus.
    59 days ago
    yes as only one allowed in husband went he has good eyesight he came home a mess lol How do you do that every week ? He said no one in store but not a lot to buy and had to go off list and the cashier got to close lol
    59 days ago
    It is a very stressful time--the shopping--because we probably pass people with the virus--I did it again today tho--so should be good for a bit now--- Lynda
    59 days ago
    For sure grocery shopping is not pleasurable by any means.
    59 days ago
    stay safe hun emoticon
    59 days ago
    What an excursion! Most of our stores are limited on how many can go in at one time and one per family and no kids allowed. A normal 20 minute shopping trip is taking upwards of 3 hours. I can't wait to go. Haven't been shopping in almost 3 weeks. Hoping it storms later. I'll go out then - maybe there won't be as many people.

    Be safe and stay healthy.
    59 days ago
    Stay safe
    59 days ago
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