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Three weeks of lockdown in France and counting...

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

So.... last July we made the permanent to France and we are just so very glad we did!

Three weeks ago, having followed the progress of the COVID-19 Coronavirus from Wuhan in China, across the world to mainland Europe, France was declared to be legally in lockdown.

I live with my husband, Laurie and our two rescue dogs, Zaba and Nogi, in the beautiful South of France. My daughter lives in London and Laurie’s adult children, two of them near London and one in Budapest.

We are so lucky! We both enjoy fairly good health, despite being overweight. Laurie was a very sporty type in his youth, a keen swimmer and canoeist, unlike me. These days we enjoy walking our dogs and I love working out, having set up some equipment at home and having had gym membership in the UK and a PT who gave me a good start to build on.

Since the lockdown, we have come to realise how much we really like each other. I know that sounds funny, as we’ve been married for seven years ( we had our seventh anniversary just over a week ago!) but since We moved to France, we spend little time apart and ... ‘it works!’
We’ve also learnt that we can be far more tolerant with each other than we ever imagined, and that an ever present sense of humour is essential. I’ve also learnt that I am so much stronger emotionally than I ever expected; I hate my daughter being away from me at this time and love the fact that we are closer than ever in our relationship, despite the distance. When this is over, later in the year, she will be coming to live in France, for how long I don’t know, but I am so looking forward to that.

A couple of weeks ago, as our lockdown started, my daughter decided that she needed to move house, but the new place doesn’t allow pets. Problem - the cats couldn’t be moved here yet because of innoculations; solution - we managed to find a cattery to take them, probably for a couple of months. She moved house on 1st April and the change in her is amazing, she is just so much happier! Today we FaceTimed and she announced that she and two of her housemates had been pressure washing the patio and tidying up the garden; on Thursday they plan to have a barbeque, and all this with a huge smile on her face. What’s more, she’s been buying fruit and vegetables and helping one of her friends who is also a housemate develop a healthier lifestyle; I am just bursting with pride!

So yes, it’s an awful time in the world, but there is still so much to be thankful for. Laurie has asthma, so I am doing the shopping trips, which we are only allowed one person at a time. He is very worried about the prospect of getting the virus, as he was one point shy of COPD during his last asthma check and is 66 in May. I am somewhat more positive, probably because I had parents who survived awful times in WW2, so I tell him constantly that we do all the right things and so we’ll both be ok. We have to sign a document each time we leave the house in case we are stopped by the police. We walk the dogs together, that’s ok. Tomorrow, before shopping, I will make a couple of masks, just as an extra precaution. I’ll also stock upon frozen veggies, as well as UHT milk, eggs and other foods so that I don’t need to shop for a couple of weeks. We sorted out the larder yesterday, so that’s a bonus.

We can do this and who knows, maybe we’ll come out the other side slimmer and fitter too!

Now, I’ll take a tip from Zaba - time for bed! ( and I hope he doesn’t get me up twice during the night like last night!)

And night-night from Nogi too!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This happy blog made me happy, too!
    I feel like my dear man and I are even closer now, too (well, maybe not every minute of every day).
    My guy is 70 and was a lifetime smoker so he is pretty fearful so I do what little shopping we need done.
    So glad your DD is doing well and happy in her new home.
    I know the US is a huge country, unlike most of the rest of the world, but our leadership has utterly failed to keep Americans safe and the proof is the numbers climbing horrifically every single day.
    It will take months for this virus to finish with us because of the scattered safety measures taken.
    Three weeks yesterday for us, but who’s counting?
    48 days ago
    I'm so glad you're doing well! I thought retirement would be the end of my marriage, but this has shown me we'll be fine! Humor and a good attitude helps so much.
    49 days ago
    Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you're handling this well. Love those darling dogs of yours! Glad to hear you're making masks and doing what it takes to stay healthy. And it always does our hearts good, as moms, to hear that our kids are happy and thriving, so I'm glad for your good news about your daughter. emoticon
    49 days ago
    Glad you both are doing well.
    I love that so many good things are happening!
    49 days ago
    A cheerful disposition is really helpful in getting through any crisis. Glad you and yours are staying safe.
    50 days ago

    I'm glad you are so upbeat about your lockdown.

    Things are a bit more relaxed here in the middle of nowhere. A lot of people are staying home, but there is no rule about having to do it. I work in an essential business (agricultural and hardware) and so am working two days a week. However, I am in an office that is not in the main store traffic pattern, so I see very few people, mainly the manager and the person that shares my office (if she is working that day),

    The biggest problem is the 6 ft (2 m) social distancing, although people are standing further away than they normally do.

    We are having a bit of springlike weather this week, but there is a snowstorm in the forecast. At least the snow shouldn't stay on the ground very long.

    Other than not working every day, my routine is not much different than normal. I was already pretty much a homebody who doesn't have much social interaction. I have been doing a lot of knitting and watching podcasts.

    50 days ago
    Such sweet pics of Zaba and Nogi!! It's wonderful to read about your life in the South of France. I'm sure it's very beautiful there. It's good to hear you and your husband are staying safe and well. I made some "no sew" face masks and I think they will be helpful. Great to hear your daughter is doing so well, too!

    50 days ago
    stay safe and well
    50 days ago
    We are staying home and loving it ..... stay safe
    50 days ago
    Stay safe!
    50 days ago
    Love this so glad to read about happiness in this awful time! Stay safe and well! Prayers!
    50 days ago
    Loved reading your post! Be well, and safe! Bon Chance! emoticon emoticon Warmer weather here today!
    50 days ago
    Awwwwww, Zaba and Nogi are adorable. Glad your DD is all right and her cats are safe.

    Stay safe, stay well!
    50 days ago
    The pups are sooo cute!
    I love that you are bursting with pride about your daughter.
    What great news that you and Laurie get along. I think this event is a true test of any couple's mettle. I predict a baby boom in 8-9 months as well as a bunch of divorces! LOL!
    50 days ago
    We're all adjusting to this crackers way to live.

    Stay safe Renia, keep well emoticon
    50 days ago
    Hello I enjoyed reading your story, my husband has severe COPD and is somewhat fearful of getting virus cuz he knows he’d be a goner for sure. I’m the one that goes ot, he’s been home bound since before the virus since his disease has progressed.
    50 days ago
    Stay safe and prayers !
    50 days ago
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