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Holy Mackerel! That’s About the Only Thing I Didn’t Find (in the pantry)!!!

Monday, April 06, 2020

WELL, I made up my grocery list for curbside service at the local grocery store, anticipating that things may get a bit wore before they get better, and then, when I had my list together, there were NO pick up time slots available for THREE WEEKS!

I thought that maybe I might be able to evaluate my desperation level better if I would get a closer look at just what I have in the spread out area that I loosely refer to as “my pantry” (there’s a cabinet and also a set of shelves).... and you know what I found out? I apparently LOVE M&Ms, because I certainly had a lot of packages of them!

I may even need a 12 Step program.... I’m practicing saying it out loud, “Hi, I’m Julie, and I hoard M&Ms!” It’s the truth.... I buy M&Ms when they are on sale, and I often buy a variety of flavors at the same time ... sometimes I buy small packages so that I can slip them to my grandchildren, but If I don’t see the grandkids I forget to carry them around with me and there you go! I’ve got MORE M&Ms on hand... one bag of peanut M&Ms has almost enough calories to feed one person for a WEEK! DANGER! DANGER!

And the OTHER treasures I found were AMAZING! I found a whole (large) box of slow cooking Oats, which was especially great since I cooked my last 1/2 cup of oatmeal for breakfast this morning, and the grocery store had been cleared out of oatmeal the last time I tried to buy some. I found a six pack of Wolf Brand No Beans Chili AND a box of saltine crackers that had been hiding forever.... I found dried powdered milk.... and MORE THAN ONE LARGE bag of Splenda!

I’ve heard of “shopping in your own closet” but “shopping in my own pantry” was astonishing!

I even found a bag of gumbo mix which serves 8, and I just happened to have some chicken breast ready to cook into it to make Chicken Gumbo (I even have some frozen okra that will REALLY make it scrumptious!)

I found all sorts of things in my pantry, and I think I really don’t need a thing after all....

But I didn’t find ANY mackerel, holy or otherwise.... canned tuna, yes.... mackerel, no....
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