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Monday, March 23, 2020

Normal changes all the time. The store stops selling your coffee so now you drink a new brand. Your work hours change so now you have to get up at 0500 instead of 0700. You get a new system at work and Alt+S no longer = SAVE

With those little normals we learn pretty quickly to adapt and adjust. Not to say there’s not a lot of “Damn you, Siggy” being said at the Library right now, but you do settle into what will now be your new normal.

This other normal we are facing, though, is going to be a bit rougher. Our entire way of being is going to change. Some of these changes will be temporary but others will not. Some of the normal that will come out of this pandemic will be the result of the financial, situational, and emotional scars that we will all have to one degree or another.

We will settle into the normal of being separated. We will settle into the normal of having lost friends and family. We will eventually settle into the normal of whatever comes AFTER. When we all emerge and try to lasso the normal we once knew and realize that we no longer have horses in our pastures, only pigs.

I hear ya : AGAIN, Shiny, with the doom & gloom. But in order to face our lives, in order to get the best out of our lives we do need to face the truths of them. Positivity has never been about pretending. It’s not slapping a smile on your face and moving forward. It’s learning to be mindful. To take each day, each minute as it comes. To ALWAYS, Always live EVERY moment as we live it. The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good. And to learn how to be able to find that silver lining, or at least that glimmer of hope.

And that’s what we’ve been doing here, my friends. Learning how to seek out the glory in the dim, the joy in the difficult and the okay in the abysmal.

I wish I didn’t have to say it, but things are going to get worse before they get better. We have worked hard to learn to find our best selves and to rein in the negativity. Life can be...will be negative enough. So find that good. Find that positive. When you are angriest or the most tired; or the saddest or the hungriest...find that touchstone that can pull you closer to equilibrium. Hold tight to that lifeline that you know is solid. You may wash up in Copenhagen instead of Cardiff, but once you find land, once your feet are on the ground, you can begin to assess the new normal with all the strength you can muster.

Because even though you cannot see it of yourselves, you are strong. Even when you feel the weakest, you have a strength in you that helps you rise above. Stop shaking your head. Because you know what? Your strengths shine out of you. Every one of you has helped me be a better person. And i’ve had some bad days the past few months. I was at the end of a really, really dark alley. But honest-to-god, the look on my friend Amanda’s face when she tried NOT to tell me that I had baked my ID Card in the oven with my pizza, helped me see the ridiculousness of my actions. Helped me see that I had started acting out the fear and darkness that had started to close in. Helped me see that, eh, it’s just a card. It can be replaced...but the damage I do when I lose control may not be.

One look. And at that moment I felt like I had been handed a lifeline. Life is hard, always hard, but it’s amazing, too. That was my reminder. That was the gentle nudge I needed. Look for the light. See the ridiculous. Revel in life. And believe in your strength.

We face an uncertain future. We face an entirely new normal. But we have the tools to adapt. We have the friends to help us adapt. We must have the will to adapt.

This is a journey. We will make it together — even when we are apart.

Heddwch & Teithiau Diogel
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