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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Well...that didn't work! LOL! I planned to update my blog every month. It's been almost two months, so that didn't happen! I do plan to finish out the year with monthly updates, so we will see how it goes.

First, an update on my goals.

Goal #1: I want to try a new food or recipe each month. Starting with two that I've sort of made before, but it's been awhile on one and I'm making another with a twist. Should be interesting!

I think I've done this. We've had rice bowls with carne asada and quinoa. I've cooked fish a couple of times. Need to find some new recipes to try for the coming months.

Goal #2. Weight loss is still a goal. But, this year I want to do it by modifying my mind set. Cookies and adult beverages are not rewards for hard work or a tough day at work of whatever else I should be rewarded for. I like fruits and vegetables and those are my go-to snacks. Meals are based on veggies, with meat and starches as a side. At least, that's where I want to get to! Once I have a healthier relationship with food, the weight loss will follow. That's the plan!

I signed up for an eight-week program that includes working with a registered dietician and a psychotherapist. The rules of the eight weeks are to do what they say and not weigh yourself. It's only $50 for the eight weeks and there is the chance I could be selected for a more in-depth program (no extra cost). If you're interested, message me. I don't get a referral fee (they don't even ask how you found them) and I don't earn money for it, so no worries if you ask for info and then decide it's not for you.

Goal #3: The last few years, I have done the thing where you save $1 in week one of the year, $2 in week two, all the way up to $52 in the last week. Well, I've attempted it. I haven't saved all the money, but I've saved some. It has come in very handy for Christmas and other times throughout the year. I will be doing that again this year...at least saving some.

I've saved some. Haven't counted it, but I am working on saving.

Goal #4: I will continue to read, but I won't be keeping track of pages this year. Reading started feeling like a "have to" instead of a "get to". Want to enjoy it again!

I'm not counting pages, but I am trying to make time to read. In fact, I'm going to go do that after I finish my Spark chores. :)

Goal #5: The last thing I need to commit to is updating this blog. It's one way to hold myself accountable. So...look for an update in February!!

Yeah...nope. But I plan to!

Hope you are all well!
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