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Monday, March 09, 2020

I have a much better time with the time change in the Spring, I think. My energy is up today and I feel really great. ... I also lost all that weight I gained and can now move forward. My morning was so busy I totally forgot to sit at the computer like I usually do. Now I am catching up. I cleaned all the rugs in the house this morning. Wow, what a workout!
Remember back when... as a kid we used to help my grandmother "beat" her rugs. She had a rail where she would drape her big rugs, one at a time. We got a thing that looked a lot like a tennis racket but was made from bamboo or reed and we used it to beat the crap out of the rugs. It was a lot of fun for us kids. Afterward, we looked like street urchins all dusty and dirty. Nowadays I don't have the rails or the muscle to pull that off. lol

It was so drab and cloudy this morning that I was sure we would get some more rain. It just spits a bit though and now its blue skies and sunny. We got night temps forecasted in the 50 and '60s... really??? Is that necessary in March? I love to sleep with open windows but before you know it we are gonna have bugs and that and summer is here. What's the rush.. a nice long Spring would be nice and it's not even Spring on the calendar!

What it is, however, is full moon.. so Happy Howling! emoticon
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