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Saturday, March 07, 2020

I woke with a headache but got up anyway. My sneaky suspicion that it was from my sinuses affirmed itself as soon as I was a few minutes upright. It's clearing on its own - not so pleasant but preferred over chemicals. Also, a cup of fresh, hot coffee does wonders to clear a headache. Today, however, after the coffee, it is going to be a straight water day and lots of it. I feel my body needs it. Every flabby part of me feels like its taunt with inflammation. A sign for me I have been not drinking enough water.

Today my daughter and granddaughter will come to visit. My grand-daughter said she doesn't care what we do as long as game playing is also on the agenda. She loves to play rummy, the kind with the tiles and is getting quite good at it. I told my daughter that they could help me clean up the front of the yard, lol, hence my grand-daughters request. I was kidding, of course. The weather is too mixed up the next three days with rain showers off and on to even think about starting on the garden beds. Looking at the trees, I am not sure Winter is done all together yet. The trees are not budding like they usually do with this many days of warmth and rain. It feels like they are holding back and as Mother Nature knows something we don't I go with the feeling that Winter wants one last hurrah. The only thing without shame in my garden is the weeds! They multiply regardless.
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