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February 13, 2020 - Day 2 TGINW (thank God its not Wednesday)

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Yesterday was fraught with anxiety...didn't have everything I needed food-wise for my new eating plan and had to take both lunch & dinner to work. Only 4 1/2 hours of sleep and bussed...but I made it. And I wasn't really hungry and stuck fairly closely to the plan.

After work I headed to Poll Worker Training - 3 hours long. They try to make it interesting, but my experience with most poll workers are that they think they know more than the instructors. They asked many times 'please hold your questions till the end of the section' - but one woman 'demanded' they answer her question right now! I met 2 of my 3 fellow precinct workers (husband & wife) and they are typical white, middle class, retired and uptight people. Yikes. My job is to collect ballots putting them in the ballot box and be the Technical Inspector in charge if the BMD aka Ballot Marking Device for people who request some sort of assistance.

The BMD is new...replacing the troublesome touch screen devices. It should work... (FLW). I got home at 9 and was exhausted. I'm too old for that kind of day. The one positive was, many high schools are advising kids (for credit of course) to become a poll worker. I sat with Ashley & Serenity - their first and I'm pretty sure they can't vote. Was good to see young people involved.

So this is a bright new day, my devotional was suggesting I be encouraging to others so I have been working on that today. My evening event has been cancelled so I can finally get 'the right food' I need for my new plan (grass-fed beef, organic chicken & turkey etc). Plus eating 2 veggies (only cooked) per meal does mean I go through them quickly. Need to cook up some stuff to have leftovers...with her recipes.

Got lots to do and a walk is planned for lunch, too.
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