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THANK You sir may I have another....

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Do we all remember Animal House when Kevin Bacon's character (yup that little College Freshie was Kevin Bacon back in the day) was bent over with the fraternity brother and the antagonist of the movie was using the paddle to swat him?

Thank you sir may I have another... Thank you sir may I have another...

Well that's how I feel today. Things keep happening and I am overloaded!

1) . This Winter 5% challenge has been tough. I held steady after the fall challenge for over a month an a half. 2 pounds up, 2 pounds back down but then no more. I got to 257.8 and cannot break that to save my life. 6 pounds back up and back into the 260's and then back down but STUCK at 257.8. *sigh* .

2) . My furnace went out last night and of course we are experiencing a cold snap . YAY! So we slept in front of the fireplace last night until the repairman came today . Furnace is 17 years old, I knew when he told me the multitude of things wrong with it what was coming next. Our house has been through a lot where it sat empty and terrible amounts of water damage to it during the recession. We knew it was coming but was hoping we could eek it out for a few more years. Not so much! Thank you zero % financing for 4 years. Good grief!

3) . I am beyond frustrated with my job because the powers that be never check with my department before they roll out changes and my dept. is tasked with keeping clients happy. We were all bombarded with notifications they expect us to share with said clients that we know are going to make them REALLY upset BECAUSE we just notified them maybe 3 months ago of the same thing and it is happening again all because someone had this great idea to consolidate our products but never gave thought to the clients that have to go back and change what they do because of us. Terrible business decision and I feel like we have all talked to we are blue in the face but they will not listen and just forge ahead anyway. And due to said issue #2, I would leave but right now couldn't make the $$ I do somewhere else working from home, etc. So I scream a little, am very glad I work from home so they don't see me FUMING and keep plugging along.

3) Then because I am FREEZING in my home office even with layers of clothes and a space heater decide, Oh hey, I'll go get some Subway today and a diet coke to get out of the house as I haven't been out all week I am reminded of another pesky repair I need to do. Of course I am just beyond my car warranty and BING I get a reminder to have my "shifter" serviced soon. REALLY???

I SERIOUSLY wanted to pull the car over and SCREAAAAMMMMMMM!!!!!

I will add, the first person that tells me to be positive is going to be very lucky they are not standing in front of me when they do.

I know it could ALWAYS be worse. What I just want is to vent, blow off some steam and know that I will get through this as I always do. I will not let these THINGS derail my progress and this is life. Just not so fun to be experiencing it all within days of each other. It's never fun to feel like you go two steps forward just to go back 10.

Anyway, thank you for listening to me rant. It's been a week! SERENITY NOW!!
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