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The day after the Super Bowl

Monday, February 03, 2020

Yesterday the sun was out! I know that is not a big deal for some of you, but where I live, we have had a January filled with gray days and little to no sunshine. I was as giddy as could be! Something about the sun makes me want to get outdoors, to move, to soak it in!

After completing some household chores, I grabbed the leash off the hook and took the dog for a long walk. We have not been out much since probably November. He was a happy camper to be getting outdoors. We started out and his tail was wagging and he was sniffing every little spot...which I was grateful for because it gave me a minute to catch my breath. By the time we were climbing the last hill to home, I am not sure who was more tired, him or me. We both have some work to do to be where we were last summer! But - we started!

I have purged most of the carb loaded foods from the house - but last night was staying home to watch Super Bowl. I had a pizza crust, cheese, sauce and some pepperoni - and decided to have one last splurge before I start this journey. Funny how my mind works. Pizza isn't going anywhere - it will always be around for me to have, but today starts my official weigh in for the weight loss challenge and I wanted that last temptation out of the way - so I ATE IT! Well, let's just say it won't be around to tempt me anymore. Sad, but true, I have some regrets.

I watched the game while munching pizza - too much pizza - to the point where I didn't want to see pizza again for a long time. Which reminds me that there are some foods I have little control over and are probably best avoided if I want to reach my goals. Future pizza will be in controlled settings.

This morning I got on the scale for that official weigh in - 1.8 pounds heavier than I was the last weigh in a week ago. I was dejected. I wanted to kick myself. The mean girls that live in my head started in - saying why was I even bothering to start this effort one more time.

Then, something strange happened. I remembered listening to Patrick Mahomes talking after the game. The announcers were asking him about how he felt going into the last quarter with his team down 10 points and how the first attempt he had to move the ball down the field - he threw an interception. He just smiled and said something like - as long as there are minutes on the clock - I never give up. I never give up mentally. I never doubt my abilities. I have faith in myself, my coaches and my teammates.

So this old girl is hanging on to that little bit of advice from a 24 year old quarterback. I'm still breathing - so there is still a chance. I am able to do this. I have almost everything I need. The part I am really working on is having faith in myself. Who woulda thought I would have found some inspiration in the Super Bowl? Guess you never know where it is going to come from.

Today..... never quit, never doubt your abilities, have faith.... and choose you Barb, choose you.
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