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Mini Challenge Results! (Men's beginner body building programs)

Monday, January 20, 2020

Welp, I tested out the circuit, adjusted the weights...
we went with this.. program here, I designed to be... "beginner level" (but for a man).
each is 3 sets of 15 unless it's lunges then 10 cos it was insane to hit 15, and planks 2x20 secs for beginner..

We used the .. Neila Rey Workout - Stretch guide:

DH had no interested in doing stretches, put up a protest, and then wanted to do his own kind... I said these are for body building/ weight lifting, you need the right kinds to prevent injury (and he had work in a few hours so we couldn't afford that)
he whined... and EVENTUALLY did it. .after I had to literally force his body. (the calf stretch took him about 8 minutes to get right) but we did it.

Then we had
Shoulder press, sit up right and lift from the shoulder.. he wanted to lift from the belly and was flared arms and not tensing his body at all so.. 100% injury on the way.. so I had to correct that.. he protested.. and whined....

Then we had..
Chest press, he flat out refused to lift the barbell (we set 10kg/22 lbs on it + weight of the bar).. and so .. I had to do it.....
I haven't lifted..... from the chest in SO so So so SO long. It was hard. I lifted from lying on the floor, him from laying o nthe chaise, (in future we should spot each other)
I let him use my yellow dumbell set instead, 4kg /8lbs ea. so about half the weight
and ... I really struggled with mine but i wasn't sore at all after, so i coulda gone heavier if i had a proper lifting bench (which i sold before i met David). (I never used it)

His verbal whining gave way to actual effort andbreathing
Ok, then we had..
Bent over Row, which works the triceps which i NEED to lift my daughter out of the crib/car seat. so I went hard on this, taking the higher weight again, giving him the lighter, after form correction he went for it.

Then we had Seated Leg Press,
it's just squatting on a stability ball while holding your weight. for us, (beginner as i mentioned) it was easy.. but i realised... DH falling over a lot, he had no core for balance... so we modified, and then he got it done... he was dizzy.. he was not happy.. lol

Then we had, Planks, he once again refused to do it properly
I got mad and growled at him and forced him into form, then he really started to finally work out. Good. By this point i was having sweat pouring from my face. planks are hard.. but with your knees on the floor and only 20 seconds? cmon. if I can do it! Even DH could, and he did :)

Then we had, Bicep Burl,
Then Weighted Lunges (which we avoided cos I had house cleaning injury)
Then, Barbell bent over row, which i totally forgot to do. - This works the back

then Fly Squats, my own invention it replicates a chest fly, squatting machine at the gym, u throw the resistance band over the cross trainer, and tighten it and squat at the same itme, drawing the band into your chest
Once again he cheated the movement and used the weight of the machine to do the squat and didnt use the resist band, once i got him into doing correct form , 2 mins later, I started counting his sets lol

and he did AMAZING he really worked out, I saw proper effort
and mr "I dont ever sweat from my face" began to sweat :)

Then we finished off with a 1 min sprint on the elliptical,
and then he collapsed on the couch

But the story doesn't end there..
We had a shower, recovered, and then he felt awesome!
Neither were injured, and while I really didnt like having to basically boss him around for being dangerous with weights, It did need to be done unfortunately. But I really didn't like it.
I asked him if he honestly would work out with me again? and he said yeah it was great!

So... the ends were better than the means lol
No one enjoys ' baby sitting' their man but
The reality is, his muscles are weak so, gotta start at level newbie
so yeah.. We did good. For me.. it was about...... 1/4 of doing a Jillian Workout? and about 1/8th of doing Goody Beats... It was lower than where I work out.. but also higher than where I am now so it was good for me too.

In the future I'll just split it to 4 or so exercises, chest/leg/core and make it a bit simpler for him. If he actually does want to work out again... Complicated doesn't build success
But HEY! it's the first pancakes, we learn through mistakes and failures

So I thought I would share... the...... Overcoming of Resistance that I saw in him.. later in the day he was feeling really awesome from having worked out (endorphins) so. yeh!

I won the challenge, so , thus 2% increase to my score on our weigh in day.

I have my period atm and secretly hoping I'll lose to support his confidence, But I lost weight today haha
Must have been the workout!!!

Lookit! I found my forgotten waist

(110.3 kg / 242lbs 21 jan)

I realise I look "extreme" still heh, but it is nice to have clothes fit me again
Right now I'm wearing a plus size cropped cardigan that's never fit me before :)

Here's hoping to a more willing to work out man (and simpler work out program) in the future :)
Body building is actually exciting.. like I really want a strong lower back, bicep and tricep for functionality! and I can actually build that if i want to.
and I'm proud of myself for finding beginner planks

I've even looked at... beginners workouts for men with no gym equipment
I really liked this simple one... 4 sets of 10:
(beyond the weak) and I signed up for his free ebook, he has two! one for beginner, and one for intermediate

And sent that one on to DH

Last night he set me this photo... This is a MASSIVE hint of inner change:

I dunno if you can see that but that's an exercise bike of mine I had at the storage unit, I suggested he could borrow it if he wanted to get his body fat % down,
AND HE WENT AND GOT IT. so I guess he must have _actually_ felt good from working out.

You might also notice.. the car is FULL of banana boxes, someone is feeling motivated to get all the stuff sorted/discarded -- I decided a few days ago to allow him to earn points for me earning the car drivership, and he went and grabbed FIVE? thats 25 pts!

We picked up the car yesterday!!!! "Are you here to pick up the beetle" said Shane the dealer, he said he also ordred the missing parts (window controler switch had snapped off .. etc) and I asked him what the little plastic vase was on the inside of the car
and he told me.... It was... a vase. :O When the cars were new, from the factory, they came with a flower in it.. he told me i could put a flower in it if i wanted, I told him, DH said it was, an ice cream holder, and he cracked up hehe

DH was happy to chat to the guy (this is new) and told him all about the carnivore diet (cos he's feeling awesome on it) and yeh it was a positive experience.

I thought my little girl wouldn't understand we were buying a new car.. .but she did
She thought it was for her! she was climbing all over the seats, in the boot, trying to drive it.. etc ... "allo car!" she said (yellow) "new car" also came out of her mouth

Too cute.
I set it at 500 points, I reshaped the "winning behaviors" to what correlated to actual proper actual weight loss (so not intermittent fasting, not daily exercise) and then I added some bonus points for things that I am struggling with but i would feel proud if i got done:
such as Sorting and entire banana box of clutter 5pts,
Make a new recipe is another :) - Points arent going super great so far, I've had a demotivating week.. But we're turning a corner now :)
Especially realising he took .. .5 boxes... that man is motivated!!!

I woke up slimmer today.. smaller breasts... happy =)

I've been watching biggest loser this week,
This is a really funny quote Season 4 Ep 1 "Not everyone is fixing to lug a plane when they wake up in the morning" I'm like dude.. I can't believe you did that! haha

Some more thoughts on training your husband....
Men understand simple. Some men need to be pushed
Some men need to be backed off from... (And this is more likely the case to not.. emasculate) and Men need to feel success. So setting the challenge they are likely to achieve is the way to go - which is how I run home school, its kind of like a ... 90/10 approach
Tho cos DH was brand new to it (he told me he used to go the gym, i dont think so lol you _never_ flare out floppy style, with weights in your hands - lifting just once would teach you that)...

It was more like 30/70.. he had a steep learning curve! lol

So obviously the best part from here.. is to add in his working out to the point system :)
and give him his own separate column on the chart so he can see his success :)

SO yeah..

OH also DH said he noticed a change in me!!! I was shattered last night and I didn't wanna get drive through but literally couldnt walk. (from the injury/ceasing up from working out), (does anyone know how to stop that? BCAA?) i dunno.. anywa
we got drive through.. and i screwed it up and my mind wasnt working and got baby chips and nuggets, Pre Spark, I would literally take a hand full of her chips (we would get her a large box deal), and he noticed I didn't take a single one

.. Also I noticed.. at MOST we get drive through once a week.

I decided to make our sundays more healthful in the future..
we are great at getting some activity done.. but the food is where it falls over
so im gonna try "slow cook sundays"
I picked out 8 recipes for the slow cooker that are on both our diets, (meat/ dairy)
anddddd he went with this one:


I might actually.. thinking on that for a STARK CHANGE get low fat cheese...Just to keep the calories down a bit- I'll need a few types, cos we'll have to make our own "cheese crisps" cos they are not sold in our country what so ever. But hey they take like.. 1 min to make? lol .. you cut cheese slices(2inch squares), bang them in the oven - cook till golden and not beyond.

Normally DH eat's nothing... Bubby eats fruit.. and I eat keto...
So this is something a bit better for all of us. ohhh to be able to eat as a family again!!

In other news!! I cut fruit from Bubby's diet.. she's learnt the word Carrot. so that's her new fruit.. its a bit better lol. and she had a day of withdrawl actually, I didn't realise till evening but she had cried nearly all the damn day long... and cried out the words apple a few times.... cos of a literally fructose withdrawl.. poor thing.
I've switched her to cucumber slices with tuna or shredded. chicken. and she loves it and itkeeps her full and thus blood sugar stable - Happy Baby- Happy Mom :D

She has also learnt the word "strong" and i purposely left the 1kg plates out for her to play with .. She does a little flex after she plays with them and says "Uhhh strong!" hehe so cute
Unfortuantely every day she gets her legs stuck in the elliptical machine.. she'll never be big enough to use it.. So I just piggy back her ( I can do that now!!!) and let her ride me while i'm on it. you need core balance for that trust me!! cos u gotta hold ur daughter while balancing on the freaking thing up in the air hehe
And I can even like cross my arms and hold her hands while she's standing on the floor and then just swing her over my back from standing position to get her into piggy back position
I never thought that was possible.

(we went to the park also yesterday so there was nothing to lean on to help her get up on my back)
Little one standing on a (massive) tree log

So yeah big changes are happening ever since I set the declutter a box, point system

"Keto Plate" =)

I have really loved being on Spark People, it's helped me not be so lonely... it's been lovely to be aroudn supportive people...
Barb (1CRAZYDOG) taught me a valuable lesson that taking care of yourself isn't something you stop when you reach goal weight, its a forever kinda thing :) and erm I never would have... brought the crosstrainer into my lounge if not for spark. which has "sparked" a massive change in our family.. and.... it... created the.. vision of a new me......
the kind that goes out.. and makes life happen.. and thats how the car happened.. its part of the future me... that I'm working to create.

Ok that's it from me today! Love you guys! thank you
Family Selfie at the Car dealership : Bubby's FIRST Ever lolly pop.... (yuk sugar) hehehe.. I like to keep my little one free from that kinda stuff, so in future, when I'm more sorted in the way I'm eating, I 'll start tracking her diet, and reshape it really beautifully and get it on point for her.. but for now.. I can't take thaton just yet. The reality is. we will never all be on the same diet, we all have different body goals, grow/ slim down / cure auto immunity.

So right now i'm just training bubby into letting mommy eat at a different time and different food and letting her have her food on her own... not .. doing the puppy eye begging thing
But she's been a lot better on that keto snack I made her. so ... one day we could be eating lunch together having that :D It's just gonna take time.

But hey, things are going better that i dreamed it would.. so I'm thrilled with life right now
and I am SO blessed to have these people in my life, I Really am.

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    Wow! What a great day! Soooo glad you got your DH to join in w/you doing the circuits. Men hate to admit when their wives are right! HEE HEE. Just relish his participation.

    Love your point system, and sounds like DH is buying into it, too. AWESOME. Success!

    Awwwww, Bubby will get used to the change gradually. Kids are resilient. Moms gotta be tough! LOL

    Awwww, glad that that statement about lifestyle change being a forever thing and taking care of yourself is a lifelong venture that doesn't end when you reach goal! ((HUGS))

    Girl, you got this. You're doing wonderfully. Keep up the good work. Bubby and hubby will come along for the journey!

    30 days ago
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