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Can't Sleep

Saturday, January 11, 2020

It's 1:15 am in Los Angeles, and I can't sleep.

Yesterday, I went to urgent care. I told the nurse practitioner that I still have a cough and runny nose, and she said that they will go away in time. Also, I told her that my ears are clogged, so my hearing is muffled, and she said that that makes sense, because I'm so congested (I didn't really understand that explanation). Then I told her how I have been having left ear pain, which is radiating to my head, and jaw. She looked in my left ear (the one that's infected), and said that it's still a little red. She told me to stop taking the amoxicillin that the ER doctor prescribed me, and to take Augmentin instead, which is apparently stronger. I started the Augmentin last night.

By the way, when I went to the ER last week, and urgent care yesterday, they didn't make me pay the copays I was expecting! :) I think it's because my Medicare is still active for some reason. They still charged me for the prescriptions, though.

I got paid today, and I got paid about the same as I did in 2019. So, I'll have to wait until my next paycheck to reflect my 2020 (increased) pay. No biggie. :)

My right eye crease is lowering!!! :D It's almost completely symmetrical to my left eye!!! I can't wait until it lowers even more!!!

I think I'm going to raise my Hawaii budget to $2,500, because (I predict) that's how much I'll be getting per month after taxes and benefits are taken out in 2020. Since I get 1 extra paycheck 2 months out of the year, I think I will allocate that extra money for my vacation to Hawaii this year. So excited!!! :'D

I'm thinking about finally getting my upper 4 front crowns replaced sometime this year. I didn't do it last year because I splurged on plastic surgery for my right eye. I have amazing dental insurance, so it will cost me less than $2,000 for all 4 crowns. The only thing that has been holding me back is knowing that I'll have to wear temporary crowns for 2 weeks...I don't want to go to work like that!

Even though I am not fully healed, I am determined to go back to work on Monday. I'll wear a mask on the bus, so I won't feel the need to get off the bus if I have another cough attack that won't end.

I usually take my birthday (January 28th) off, but I didn't expect to take so much time off of work this month to recuperate from my flu and ear infection, so now, I feel bad to take that extra day off. I'll think about it.

I am thinking about just buying the 2020 Toyota Corolla, even though I'm not happy with how it looks. I liken the situation to my purse--it's ugly, but works well. I feel a little uncomfortable buying a used car, because my family drove beater after beater when I was growing up, and they all were pieces of crap. Bad memories!

Now that I'll be getting more take home pay in 2020, I'm thinking about upping my retirement savings to 15% of my gross income than the 10% I'm paying now.
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