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Resolutions, Goals, or Whatever You Call Them

Thursday, January 02, 2020

A year is just one day at a time. And thanks to 1crazydog for reminding me that we get an extra day this year. Hey let's celebrate leap year... 12 months/366 days

I don't usually like making new year resolutions, because they are something that I say that I want to change at the beginning of the year, but in a couple weeks I forget all about it or just plain give up. A whole year is just to darn long. I can keep a bad habit going forever, but 7 consecutive days of trying to remember a good habit is impossible.

I need to start with small changes...and make them specific and measurable.
Generalized goals of eating better or eating more/less of something doesn't work for me..in order for me to know if I am doing more or less of something then I would have been writing/tracking something before.

I know I can't change my diet overnight...but I can (hopefully) remember to bring my water bottle into work every day filled with water added with apple cider vinegar and sliced lemons or lemon juice.

To make sure that I remember..I will make a homemade calendar page to hang on my kitchen door. Cross out each day that I prepare my water bottle for the day. Hopefully after a week or so of doing this effort it will become like a "spark streak" ..something that we don't want to quit because we don't wanna break the chain.

Usually we make time for important stuff...we write down other people's special days like birthdays, anniversaries, school reunions, or kids sports events. What gets scheduled gets your attention. So make your new habit important. If you have one of those pocket daily reminder calendars (or whatever they are called) in your purse..then make sure to write your new habit in every day.

If you don't think you're important enough then why should anyone else?
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