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My battle with H2O

Monday, December 16, 2019

I don't like water. Yes I said it. It started in my early childhood when a doctor told my mother that I needed to drink 8 glasses a day. Oh my Mom made sure that I drank 8 glasses and to make it convenient this was accomplished in one sitting. This began my pure dislike for water. I'm lucky if I can drink 5 glasses a day. I've tried adding treatments to water but this doesn't help because most have added surgars and artificial sweeteners and don't improve the taste. Maybe I haven't tried hard enough to find a way to get 8 glasses into my day. I know this is an emotional thing that I have to address but I don't like water. I don't like the taste or the look of water. If anyone has any ideas for me to address this please let me know what I can do to increase my water intake and win my H2O battle.
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  • no profile photo CD25620777
    You are not alone on this one! Plain water doesn’t always work for me either. So I drink any form of water, coffee, and do my best not to have Diet Coke but sometimes it is my best or only option.
    391 days ago
    So... I like water at room temperature. I start each day by downing a 16 oz bottle. I pull three more bottles out and set them on my desk. I finish them over the course of a day. No time planning or anything like that. I just grab one when I'm ready.
    I do drink the first one 'all at once'. But not the others.
    Water... is very important.
    thanks for your support
    507 days ago
    drinking 8oz of water every two hours of wakefulness does the trick easily, although we do benefit from water-based soups, tea, coffee, cocoa, &c.

    I agree that very cold water is a great way to drink water. When I was a lad wondering in the timber country of the PacNW, I drank regularly in the Summer at a spring welling up from the ground in an abandoned farm field. It was very cold, smooth, and Oh My goodness. It purled just enough to keep any debris or insects from its center. The needful position is similar to a plank, in order to get your fill.

    Thanks for posting this. Have you tried adding just a hint of lemon or peppermint flavoring? A little dab might do ya.
    566 days ago
    I agree with OTEN36 re: "Oh Gosh 8 glasses in one sitting would flip anyone out." I'm sorry that you endured such daily struggle in your very impressionable years. I liked to drink soda best; but in 2014, Spark People helped me become more aware that not everything I like is good for me. One 12oz soda per day = 30+lbs per year. I don't want that! I don't think you do either.

    Perhaps you may consider that your mom meant well but didn't know how to help you drink enough water properly? Perhaps you may consider that water is truly your body's best friend. You want water to help your body in many ways. Such as healthy digestion, healthy & good skin turgor, (Per MedlinePlus Medical: A decrease in skin turgor is indicated when the skin (on the back of the hand for an adult or on the abdomen for a child is pulled up for a few seconds and does not return to its original state. A decrease in skin turgor is a late sign of dehydration.), healthy eyes, efficient taste buds on your tongue and more!

    Parents often mean well but don't get much training how to raise the children they have. There are a lot of "you should .. this and you should ... that, but not much about HOW to do it in a healthy way. Parents love their children but don't know HOW to show it in ways that their child understands or communicates.

    I sincerely hope H2O becomes less a hassle to you and more a desired ingredient for your goals. emoticon
    573 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/8/2020 3:42:10 PM
  • BEDA65
    I too have battled a dislike of water. I have to agree with OTEN36, consider a change in attitude towards the water. Sounds like your perception of water may be that it is a punishment.

    I used to look at it as a chore. Now I look at it as Lifeblood. Our bodies are made up of 60% water. Only makes sense we have to replenish it.

    I keep a filtered water tank on my cabinet for cooking and drinking as well a filtered pitcher in the fridge. I also have a filtered pitcher here at work on the counter. I make it a point to drink a glass every hour, so I get it all in during my work day. In my head it's like part of my workday. I get it done here then I don't have to do it at home, unless I just want to have a drink. And then I can just enjoy whatever I am drinking and not feel like I have an obligation to drink water.
    (Full disclosure: I don't drink anything for the most part once I go home from work. Maybe just a drink of water to wash dinner down. I don't like being woke up in the night having to go to the bathroom. This was another excuse in my head not to drink it. Drinking it all early on in the day helps to eliminate this discomfort for me. )

    Good Luck in whatever you try
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    Spark On!
    573 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/8/2020 11:42:10 AM
    I love yer blog because I felt the same way about water-I am better now--
    I like COLD eater--Ice COLD!
    Sometimes I drink Tea instead of plain water--
    Over the years tho, water has become better--- LOL==(We are bad eh?)--LOL
    574 days ago
  • OTEN36
    Oh Gosh 8 glasses in one sitting would flip anyone out.
    I would say you need to redefine your relationship with water.
    I have been meaning to research water. I had a co-worker who was really
    into reading about it.
    Maybe you could make that your next book you read.
    I found out I don't care for cold water. I'm more of a room temperature water kinda person.
    Please do keep us posted as it appears others have these same issues.
    581 days ago
    I drink a lot of plain Hot water, alters the taste and I like it. (I hate cold water). I also enjoy seltzer. Love the bubbles.

    I like to drink out of fancy cups, water bottles, wine glasses, coffee mugs (these are fun and only for water). I recently got a Mickey straw to add to my fun cups. It just helps me feel like it's not a chore but fun.

    I also, started with one glass a day then added so it didn't feel like so much at once.

    You can do it! Just keep going...
    590 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    I sometimes drink it hot - like tea, but no flavor. Good luck!
    592 days ago
  • no profile photo CD25334131

    I'm not much of a water lover but I find when it is ice cold, I enjoy it much more!!
    592 days ago
    It all begins someplace and you just started there. Sp is the way to do it.

    We want to remember it took us a few years to put our weight on and it comes off a little at a time, just like it went on. People get frustrated with it not coming off faster than we put it on. But with consistent focus on doing what we are told on SP we will hit our objective. Like many things it just wont get there overnight.

    Make sure you make one of your most focused goals you water intake. Myself, when I hit plateaus its because I am not doing the water correct. I found using a reminder on my phone to be very helpful in making sure I keep on track with the water
    594 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    I add crystal light to mine. Limited added sugar and no calories. I try different flavors so I don't get bored with it. I admit getting the water in is one of my hardest jobs to accomplish.
    595 days ago
  • LSIG14
    I drink weak iced tea (regular and herbal) without sugar. Sometimes I squeeze in a little citrus or crushed berries to change up the taste.. Good luck!
    596 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1987279
    emoticon I use beverage enahncers like peach tea available at all grocery stores for under three dollars.
    596 days ago
    Patience and persistence
    596 days ago
    I'm kind of with you on this one. I've changed to sparkling water making sure there's no sugar. I dilute it with plain water sometimes depending on the brand if the "sparkling" is a bit much. I'm not at 8 glasses a day even with the sparkling, but it is easier to get some water in.
    596 days ago
    Try adding a fruit that you like
    596 days ago
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