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Nutrition plans for the Holidays and beyond, 2020 Vision

Thursday, December 05, 2019

I promised that I'd blog about how I was intending to approach the Christmas / Hannukah / and others Holiday season with my semi-intuitive eating era.

Aside: I don't get exposed to the "other" Winter Holidays much, except for my son's quips about putting up straw animals in the yard to burn for Thor... don't think he'll really do it, but he jokes that his neighbors will think they are reindeer, anyway. Apparently the Norse Winter celebrations included this burning, which probably had an agricultural purpose as well. I'm not invested enough to go look it up on line, but it amuses him, and I'm amused by his amusement. Parenthood involves some level of "indulgence" of one's child's fantasies, even once those children are grown.

OK, so back to food:

Normal Fall/Winter eating. Oats cooked in skim milk with cinnamon and fruit for breakfast. Big pot of soup becomes a staple of my noon meals, as opposed to salads, which I got thoroughly tired of even during the warm months of the year, this year! And I've been cooking for suppers, too. Lean meat, pasta, rice, or potatoes or yam... baking a potato or a yam warms the house and makes it smell wonderful.

Snacks are pretty much down to one or two... morning snack if late enough gets merged with lunch, afternoon snack if late enough might get merged with an early supper. So... my experiment in intuitive eating is kind of blending "intuitively" with the "intermittent fasting" concept... fewer meals, of a slightly larger size, rather than the six a day (3 meals, 3 snacks) that I did when I was trying so hard to take the bulk of the weight off, back in 2009 - 2010.

Holiday modifications:

This year, I am allowing myself to cook what makes me feel like the holidays. I have (can't believe this) real sugar, real butter, flour, etc. IN THE HOUSE! And I'm leaving them be unless I'm cooking for a holiday and to share. It's one of those blessed times when it seems right and easy.

I even brought my favorite brand of Egg Nog (non-alcoholic) into the house. Occasional festive egg nog used as coffee creamer. Unlike the disaster of December 2013, when I went through a quart of the stuff in a single weekend, this quart has been sitting in my fridge since before Thanksgiving, and I have used only two doses (2 Tbsp each) in my coffee so far. Knowing it's there, and CHOOSING that I don't need it TODAY. I can't believe it!

I am working hard at exercising that trust muscle that WATERMELLEN talks about related to intuitive eating. "What do I really want?" is being applied to food choices, taking into account how said food might make me feel after the fact.

The best way to capture the 2020 Vision for me is "don't feed the excess", but "don't deprive the genuine". My desire is to *live* life, not bury life under mountains of food OR fat, but allow for the treats, in their proper place.

This attitude has me feeling "in a good place". Yes, I am still mourning my brother's absence. This morning as I savored my oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries, I envisioned him with mom and dad, and had a little conversation with the three of them.

My hope for all of my Spark buds out there is that we (me, too) head into this Thursday, December 5, 2019 making choices that fill our souls, fuel our bodies, and give our minds contentment... right where we are, in whatever stressful or happy place we find ourselve in this day. For it is the one in front of us, and the only one we ever have is the one in front of us!

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