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November 18th-another month is zooming by!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Today was The Day..yes I got that dad gum Dog Yard done! About the time I thought I was through I found more ..seriously thought to forget it..then no ..a job done must be Well Done!
So once again the dawggie jewels are no longer decorating the yard!
Miss Molly's version of helping was to consistently bring me her ball to throw. After all what else could be as important as that is!! She tired of it before I got the yard done, then perched on the deck watching me to make sure I did a through job of it! I must say I miss the puppy that would chase the rake, but she is too grown up for those kind of shenanigan's .
The chickens watched thru the fence with interest thinking I was gathering weeds and grass for them. Sorry kiddo's..not today..not till Spring actually.
I think I have mentioned the Virginia Creeper that is draping itself over the arbor. Well someone told me , it is of the nightshade family, sigh. So the little blisters I had on my arms when I was pulling it out of the Crabapple trees was not as I thought tiny lil spidies..it was me reacting to the vine! Now the project will be to kill it! Now that it is dormant for the winter I can pull down the vines but to get the root system may be another issue. I am thinking vinegar right on the roots or even a dousing with bleach..whatever it takes to create a none functional plant. I have to admit I have never seriously tried to KILL anything that would grow out here. My dirt is so shale laden that my thoughts were , if it will grow here...then let it. Nope changed my mind..this vine is not only invasive..it is not friendly. Now I also know why the lil birds do not eat the berries on this vine. That thought occurred to me when I was watching to see if they would. If the birds won't eat it then it most likely is not good. So I will bag up these vines and take them to the dumpster. Now to reconsider what to plant to grow over the arbor. I want something that is berry producing for the wild birds. I tried grapes and they just do not like this soil, they would last a year or so and then just go away. Landscaping is a challenge with the shale, most of what I have or do is potted or in raised bed. OH..I never recieved my green house I ordered. So finally contacted the credit card company to challenge the charge. At this time it is still up in the air..but they say within the month they will either refund or I should get the green house. Honestly I would prefer to get the green house,however I doubt that is going to be the end result. I now need to start collecting old windows, cinder blocks and other items to create a 'rustic" green house as I had first envisioned.
Already looking at seed catalogs and my Mother Earth News with anticipation of Spring!
Have a good night and enjoy the week!!
Miss Molly says...what! This is my chair right!!
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