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The Next 25 Pounds

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I've said before that I've pretty much solidly lost 25 pounds. I bounce up and down a few pounds but always end up back at 25 pounds lost. So my next goal is to lose the next 25 pounds. I'm working on getting back on track now that I'm starting to get over this pneumonia and feeling good enough to start working out again. I went grocery shopping yesterday and stocked up on some healthy foods and I made out a new workout plan to help me get started. I've mostly been cleaning and organizing as a way to stay active lately as I want to get us all moved into our new room but I keep forgetting to track it. I even found all my workout gear and have it all organized so it's ready to use.

I will be starting out slow with exercise because it's simply been such a long time since I've exercised. I may be better at it, though, since I'm down 25 pounds and since I've been so much more active this summer/fall. My ankles are still bad, though, esp. my right one. My achille's tendons are just no good anymore. But I will just have to continue to work out in a chair and no walking for exercise anymore. I lost my Fitbit charger so can't track my steps anyway. Keep making out new exercise plans but trying to settle on something that works and that motivates me.

Nutrition has been going better lately. I reduced my calories this past week compared to the previous week. Sodium is still high, though. I have the most problems with my sodium; I suppose that's one of the reasons I need to take water pills. Dealing with a lot of bloat, of course, and trying to work on that. Doing pretty good on protein, carbs, vitamin c, and cholesterol, and trans fats. Those are the areas where I generally tend to do well. The areas where I tend to struggle are with sodium, sugar, fat, and fibre. One of the reasons I struggle with fibre is because the fruit I eat doesn't have the skin on it. I buy fruit cups and already cut up fresh fruit from the store rather than buying whole fruit. It's just more convenient for me. And I don't really eat bread very often so I'm not buying whole grain bread or anything. I do tend to eat what's convenient but that's what works for me.

I found all my meditation books finally so I'm very happy about that. I even found my zafu and zabuton although I don't have anywhere to put them in my room so I'm storing them for now. It's time to get a meditation practice going again as I have my shrine all set up on my desk and to start working on mindfulness again.

I am having a hard time with smoking. Although I'm almost totally out of change and won't have any money for a while so won't be able to smoke for a while.

Haven't been doing well with water either although drinking mini sodas now instead of regular ones and only one a day so instead of 12 oz drinking 7.5 oz. Also drinking kool-aid now instead of juice which is half the calories and juice has 14 g of sugar and kool-aid only has 8g and both have 100% vitamin c. So doing pretty well on the beverage front. And trying to only drink one cup of milk a day if I do drink any. My weakness is beverages. I'd live on them rather than eat solid food if I could.

Not much else for news. I'll see tomorrow if I lost some more bloat or not. It's already almost half past November and I'm still hanging around the same weight so it's a bit frustrating but I'm doing the best I can and hopefully can move forward soon.
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