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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

I have been through a huge number of things lately with my health and family medical issues, but we are starting to see clearer sky's ahead.
" I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way" Playing in the background. Not totally clear like sun shining and perfect but on my horizon it is there. My health is much better in that I have some relief for my back which is helping me move better and in essence mentally feel better. This allows me to be of more help to family members with their own health issues. My mom has totally recovered from her horrible fall and all her broken bones now mended, she is back to her old self. Right now all our support is to help my sister. The day before yesterday her MIL was laid to rest and this morning sis had to undergo an MRI to give the doctors a good look at this mass in her liver. Next will be a biopsy to determine if cancerous or not. Not much we can do for her but be there for support and love. We are staying positive until she needs us. I have been going with her to all these appointments which is hurting my step count but then some things are more important. Also hospital halls make a great place to walk and share smiles with others as well.

This was Day 1 of the "Nomi Comeback Tour", heehee. My goals for the month are to log all nutrition and fitness and post at least once a day with my teams. You are the reason I don't give up and just quit but keep pushing on. This is the most inspiring group I've ever been proud to have known. You are all Amazing!! Will blog when I can for now but at least update as I have news to report or something Awesome to say! It is very late and I am so tired since we were up and headed to the hospital imaging center by 6:30 am. I took an hour power nap when we got home but not much help, heehee! Will check back in on Hump Day!!
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