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Sunday, November 03, 2019

Between Halloween and a death in the family, these last few days have been rough on my health, mentally and physically. Nothing like grief to send you headfirst into the kids’ candy stash.

Now that things have calmed down a bit, I’m finding it easier and more important than ever to refocus my energy on my goals. On what really matters in this life.

I refuse to give a crap about what the scale says. I will weigh in once a week to keep myself accountable, but no more will I let it dictate my emotions for the day. What matters is that I FEEL GOOD in my body. That I have the energy to live the life I want. To run around with my kids. To keep my anxiety and depression at bay, so I can enjoy my time with those I love most. I exercise and eat healthy for these reasons, not to get a certain number on the scale.

In order to deal with life’s challenges, I need to stay healthy. In times of stress and sadness, it’s more important than ever that I focus on keeping myself strong.

Goals for this week:
1) No more Halloween candy! It’s been giving me sugar crashes and headaches, not to mention the empty calories. And it does nothing to help me emotionally, even though I think it will at the time.
2) Exercise at least 15 min every day, no matter how I feel about it. Have to get back into a consistent habit
3) Drink all my water. I’ve been taking for granted the fact that I’ve been drinking enough water, and I stopped keeping track. I’m going to make sure I’m counting every glass to know for sure that I’m on the right track.
4) Log every bite and sip! Over the last few days I’ve been doing great about logging food up till the afternoon, then it seems to go off the rails.
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