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Sunday, November 03, 2019

October was a bad month for me all around, clearly, and I've started to get back on track here at the beginning of November. I gained 3.2 pounds in October and from my other blogs you could clearly tell I was having a tough time all month what with the pneumonia and everything else! But here at the start of November I have lost 2.6 pounds and am almost back to where I was at the end of September. So even though October was pretty much a lost month, hopefully I can start to make some real progress again in November. I've come up with a plan to start moving forward again at a similar pace to what I was moving at before.

9/29 270.6
10/6 273.6
10/13 273.8
10/21 273.8
10/27 271.2

Today is Sunday which is technically my rest day so I won't be doing any exercise today, but I'm ready to get back into the swing of it. I've come up with a plan that I think will suit me well enough as I ease back into things and it includes getting to use my elliptical which hopefully won't be too hard on my ankles as well as using my ab roller which hopefully won't be too hard on my side that hurts from the pneumonia. If that's the case then I'll refrain from those two for a while and just stick with the chair exercises.

Nutrition was debatable this week. My calories were generally lower although I did worse on sodium and sugars. My body fat also went up this week from 47.2 to 47.4 and my weight went from 271.2 to 271.4, which isn't a huge change but I still want to be going down rather than up. I decided to lower my calorie range a bit as well. My macros haven't been good lately either so I have to start paying more attention to my nutrition. I've been going over my calories pretty consistently not because I have cravings as the topamax eliminates those but just because I tend to get really hungry during the day. So I need to work on handing some reasonable hunger.

I've been doing really well with drinking water and plan on relying more on water to cut down on liquid calories and to fill me up more. My strategy of putting ice in my water always works and I'm particularly thirsty because of my medication so I do wish I still had my water bottle but maybe I can get a new one when I eventually have money again.

I've gotten a start on meditation again. I did a visualization meditation this morning and it was more difficult to get into a mindful state as I hadn't meditated in a long time but it was a good start. I plan on getting back into reading my meditation books again although most of them have been misplaced since my cousin packed up all my things so progress on that may be delayed for a while.

I'm working on smoking less and doing a pretty good job. I'm taking it by small steps but every little bit of effort is worth it.

Right now I'm working on downloading podcasts so soon I should be able to start listening to those again. Seems like it takes a long time to download all the new ones though! Have a lot of interesting ones to listen to, though, especially the Buddhist ones.

So I should be working hard to make November a good month! Keep Sparking everyone! emoticon
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