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This and that Saturday

Sunday, November 03, 2019

BIL came by today, brought me some eggs he picked up for $2.77 fir 1 1/2 dozen, Great price! Cheapest we usually get is $2.29 / doz, so I was happy he thought of me.

He also brought a few bags of chips and fun bars that they had left over from Thursday. They are going to put most of it away until their kids come in December. They can't come up for Christmas, but will come up a few days later. In the meanwhile, I get a little treat. I like those little bags because I can't overeat, lol

He also brought my ceramic heater back. Their daughter had borrowed it from me because her room in the basement was soooooooo cold, but since she and her husband moved into their own place, it's just sitting there. It got quite cold in my apt, so it will be nice to have it back. However, when their son and family is here after Christmas, they may need to borrow it again. For such a tiny little thing, it puts out a lot of heat....

On Friday, BIL stopped in at Wal-Mart and bought a package of 50 safety pins. Now I can pin up my curtains so they clear the baseboard heater here in this apt.

I have been checking into something called chaffles, which is basically a bread substitute suitable for keto diets. Sometimes I want a bacon and tomato sandwich or egg salad sanwich, etc, but I usually don't keep bread in my freezer because it always gets freezer burnt before I finish a loaf. I even bought a bread machine last year so that I could make small loaves, but I don't even finish a small 1 lb loaf. These chaffles can be made as needed, just one or two at a time. But I don't have a waffle iron. I have been looking into getting one and was telling my sister, but she suggested I borrow her small one and see if I want to invest in getting one for myself. BIL was going to bring it down today but he forgot, lol Said it wasn't on his list. I sure know how that goes....

So while he was here, he helped me put a few boxes up high so out of the way, helped with some cans that had been knocked over and needed put back on the shelf, little things like that. Then he took me to Save-on-Foods so I could get a box of skinless boneless chicken breasts that was on sale for 2.97/lb Great price, I usually get them at Safeway for $26 for a 4 kg box, but normally over $36. The ones at Save-on are only 3 kg box, but that's ok with me. I don't have much room in my freezer. In fact, I left a couple of breasts out to chop up and make chicken and gravy. with a few noodles for supper. Oh, it was delish....

A few days ago I decided that I was going to move the tote boxes back to their hiding places since it appears the landlord is not coming any time soon to check on the installation of the windows (from last February!) They had said they would be coming in early September, but when they came, told me they did not have the tools or supplies to make any repairs so I left everything out in the middle of the floor so it would be ready when they came back. Well enough is enough, so I decided to put everything away again.

Sadly I must have twisted my back or pulled a muscle or something because it was hurting so bad.... BIL dropped me off right in front of the door to Save-on, and I hung onto the cart like it was a life raft. I moved very slowly, and of course I had to walk all the way to the back of the store to get the chicken. While I was there, I also bought a package of soup bones (man are those things ever expensive!) so I plan on making a batch of bone broth tomorrow. Shouldn't take too long in the instant pot....

When we got back to my place, BIL brought my bones and breasts up to my apt, then off he went to continue with the rest of his day. I hurt so bad I could hardly walk to the rest room, but raised the foot rest of my chair and watched TV for a bit. I eventually fell asleep so I napped for an hour or so. My back does feel a bit better, as long as I don't strain it again. Slow and easy for a few days , I guess.

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