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Sometimes we do things we do NOT LIKE to be Healthy

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Well this is STRANGE, but ever so TRUE!! I HATE being wet, and yet I LOVE Swimming!! So yesterday I went with a friend to our local community center and we SWAM for a 1/2 hour!! It was our first time back in over a year. WOOHOO I am older now and get the TA DA SENIOR DISCOUNT!! Now it's only $2 to go swimming for the DAY. I know some may NOT like Being older, but how many of us would go backwards and live exactly as we have? There are clearly things I NEVER want to repeat, but I'd do today over again and again and yesterday too!! So being older, I find I am so much calmer, easier to be around. Yup again you'll NOT find me trying to get of my WRINKLES because I've EARNED them. FORGET those creams that WANT me to not look my age!!

The swimming I had no issues other than my shoulders, but being very careful it was totally doable. LOL and being WET!! Afterwards the hot tub is so NICE!! I did have a friend with me, and we agreed tonight this needs to be a regular thing again. The last time I went swimming on a regular basis I was very successful also on losing weight.

So though I HATE being wet, I LOVE being healthy. So OFF I go swimming again!! I"ll need to wait 3 to 5 days (hopefully not more!) after tomorrow. Having an almost melanoma spot worked on again, and POOF I'll be OFF and fine. If you do not regularly look for spots please do start. Caught early (As this is, and it suddenly popped up!) it's a minor inconvenience, but if you wait, it can be so much more. The cells have all the marking and if I'd not gone right in the Dr has said, it would of soon. PHEW!! Please take NO chances. Better to be told "oh it's such and such, nothing to worry about" because my Dr has said "PLEASE come in as often you see something you are not sure of."

Oh my Fitbit Versa Lite DOES track my swimming!! There's OF COURSE An APP for THAT!! But its so rare to not find apps for things.

for coming to my blog and I read your comments enjoying them. TY TY TY For being here with me!!

I am currently at 172.2 this AM. By the end of Dec, I WANT to be 168 or 169. I tend to lose sooo slowly, but ANY progress is PROGRESS!!

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