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Birthday Weekend and Upcoming Surgery

Monday, October 28, 2019

We went to the Ghouls and Glow event at the zoo for my birthday this weekend and it wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Previous years, with trick-or-treating at the zoo, were definitely more festive and fun. The kids area was DECKED OUT though. They had a giant Halloween castle in the middle of it that my niece was just in awe of, she couldn't figure out how they managed to bring it into the zoo. Giant lanterns, blow up spooks, and carved pumpkins. The rest of the zoo was kind of meh. They had a few entertainers - a dancing butterfly, a guy on stilts, a fire dancer, and a drum corps. But the rest of the night was just animal ambassadors and the Night Kingdom (the night animal exhibit). Everyone in my family is hoping they go back to the Spooktacular (the trick-or-treating event) next year.

We still had fun, though. Baby boy slept for about 10-15 minutes then woke up crying when we were in a cave in the Night Kingdom. It was just me and my niece down there so I had to pick him up and soothe him while she pushed the stroller. She kept leaving it in random places when she got excited about an exhibit, which I was amused by but I am sure annoyed the other guests. Eventually my moms, brother, and SIL came down so my SIL took over pushing the stroller so my niece could bounce around unencumbered. There was so much to see that little man didn't go back to sleep until 8:30! He watched the fish in the swamp and was astonished by the existence of bats.

We dressed him as a little skeleton, and the costume had little candies in the skeletal tummy and a hat that said "Mommy is my boo". It was very cute. It's a 6-month costume and fit him quite well, just a little on the big side, so his fox costume might not be TOO horrible. I still need to try it on him. My niece was a pirate princess, my brother Luigi (he ran into a little Mario who was ecstatic to find a Luigi), my mom some kind of skeletal demon, and my stepmom a dead bride and groom (she carried a ghostly bride that made ghost sounds). My niece was very repeatedly vocally disappointed that I was not in my black cat costume, but I couldn't find it so I just wore ghost earrings. Two of the attorneys at my firm hand out king size candy bars to staff that are dressed up on Halloween, so I have to find it if I want good candy, lol

I talked to my husband about New Years and he is upset that I won't leave baby boy overnight with his parents so we can go bowling with friends like we usually do. It's not that it's his parents, I just don't want to leave him overnight with anyone until he's at least a year old. And it's his first new year! He won't be awake at midnight, but we can still have fun with him. He agreed we shouldn't take him to the alley though, so there's that at least. I told him I could hang with my family and he could go to the alley with our friends, but he said it's all or nothing. I sent a text to my brother this morning to see if he has any New Year's Eve plans yet. If he doesn't I'll ask my moms. Maybe we can get together for my mom's famous spaghetti dinner and watch the ball drop on TV.

DH and I talked about trick-or-treating, but he said he hates it when people take their babies out like that. I thought it might be cute to dress him up and go out or see if my niece wanted him to join her, but he is very against it. So we're just going to stay home and keep the lights off. Maybe next year, he'll be almost 1.5 and should be walking so we could probably do a little trick-or-treating or find a local Trunk or Treat for him to go to. A lot of the shopping centers do Halloween celebrations with music and pumpkins and trick-or-treating in the shops.

Little boy has his ear and throat surgeries next week but they still haven't called us to tell us when to be where. I'm getting a little anxious because I've requested two days off work for it and need to know if that's enough time or if recovery means he'll be out of daycare longer, and if we need to do something more than pain relief and cold formula while he recovers. I was told it would probably be a morning appointment since he can't eat after midnight and he's so little, but I don't know if that means 8am or 10am or what!

I'm doing better overall. My medications have been increased and I am back in therapy. I'm still a little anxious and overwhelmed, but I no longer feel as horrible as I did before. My therapist suggested a local nonprofit that does debt counseling to help us with our money problems and DH said he'd consider talking to them. A lot of my anxiety is money related, especially since I am the one that gets the calls from the hospitals and such about what we owe since DH never answers his phone and always lists my number as his.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have always found great peace bringing my problems to the Lord. He is a wonderful listener. I have experienced so many times that peace and answers to all of my problems large and small. I pray that you’ll give it a try.
    18 days ago
    Wow, it doesn't sound like your husband is being very concerned about your stress. when he lists your number as his! Maybe you could have a conversation with him about that?

    Sounds stressful to me and I would definitely talk to non-profit debt counselors. Don't have those in my rural area in N. California, go for it! Can't hurt, right?

    I am in PT right now too, just strained some muscles in my knee (one is a tendon). I am getting much better. I can recall the day I felt improvement and that was a good day.

    You are an incredibly strong woman, you can do this!
    556 days ago
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