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Why Do I Set Myself Up To Fail?

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Hi Everyone.

Looks like I kept that whole "blog every day" goal for a whopping two days.


Why do I do that? I don't like letting you guys down, and I also hate being a person who doesn't stick to my goals.

So that's just really annoying, and I'm sorry.

I think when I did this before it was a lot easier because I was working, and spent 6-8 hours of my day behind a computer, so I always had time to pop in and update.

That's another excuse but instead of saying I'm going to update daily, I'm just going to say I'll try and update as often as a can.


I'm actually doing really well! Today, the scale read 266.6 which is 23.4 pounds down about 9 weeks. Slow and steady!

The most exciting new thing I'm doing is I decided to start training at an Olympic Weightlifting gym here in Dayton. And my coach is actually former Olympian who went to the 2012 games! How cool is that?

I decided I wanted to do it after asking J.D. if he thought I could. He straight up said no. Now, he said, it's not that I'm not capable, but I don't have the dedication. And he's right, the last three or four times I've started "lifting" I gave up like a week or two in. And that's because I was trying to teach myself by watching YouTube videos and reading books.

It is a whole different ballgame when you have one-on-one personal training working on your form and technique. So now on MWF when I drop Henry off at preschool, I head to the gym and lift. And then after lifting, if I have it left in me, I go to a different gym and do some cardio.

This whole time, I've also been sticking with Weight Watchers. I think the reason I prefer that now to CICO (Calorie In Calorie Out) which was what I did with SparkPeople the first time is that with WW, I don't have to count fruits or veggies, or eggs or chicken breast. So I go for those things first because it's easier. When I was counting calories I still had to care that a banana was 100 calories or that each egg was "costing" me 70 calories.

However, what I do miss is interacting with all of you. So I think my goal will be to weekly, make the rounds of SP looking at your blogs and trying to comment for that human interaction. I always appreciate all your comments, goodies, and messages because it reminds me that I am SO NOT ALONE in this daily, lifelong struggle.

Also, Henry turned two and a half a few days ago, which I think deserves a photo.

So here's me, not making any promises, other than to keep trying every day no matter when, why or how I mess up.

Hopefully, you'll be seeing more of me.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm glad you are still Sparking and doing what you can...brava!!
    217 days ago
    Thanks for the update! I always love reading your blog! Henry is so freaking cute!!! Can't believe he is 2 and a half!!!! Where does the time go?!?!?!
    217 days ago
    what great news really you can do this emoticon you feel confident and yes let us know how you are
    dont give up and WW is a good plan me I am on everything keto some low carb noom i track bites really nothing is working but not giving up emoticon
    217 days ago
    All the best. Thank you for sharing the picture of Henry.
    217 days ago
    you can do it you just have to put some things at the top of the must do list and it will work

    cute little man great smile on his face

    217 days ago
    Soooo thrilled for you. After all - look at that adorable little boy - steals my heart every time I see a photo. And you are working with a personal trainer at weight lifting!!! so cool. My sister is a dead lift champion for her age group. She laughed when I congratulated her and said "well - I'm 62! Not a lot of competition. But still - I know it's so good for her and this will be so good for you too - but you really must work with a trainer if you want to do this safely and wisely.

    Do you get a high when you lift weights? I always did -as if I was squeezing something out of my muscles that left them full of some magic energy. Gosh I hope you keep this up.

    And for sure - you got it - that's why I use WW tracking. It's so doable. It's just so easy to realize that ... I am not ever going to put on weight by eating hard boiled eggs. Even if I ate a dozen one day - I can't imagine I"d eat another egg for weeks after that. And I love the way they nudge you away from sugar and processed carbs. And I love the smaller numbers you have to deal with. I can just commit to 23 points where as I think I'd do all sorts of weird obsessing over 1486 calories vs 1502. Too fine a distinction.
    217 days ago
    Henry is absolutely adorable!
    What you're experiencing is progress, not failure.
    We make a plan, we work it, we find out what works, what doesn't, we fine-tune, we move on - and then we do it all over again, and again, and again.
    Congrats on your recent weight loss.
    Best wishes all around.
    217 days ago
    You can do this!
    217 days ago
  • no profile photo JSEATTLE
    Wonderful News on your weight loss!! Lifting sounds like a challenge and you sound up to it. Good Luck!! Time you did something for YOU!!
    217 days ago
    Congrats on the weight loss. You are doing great. Just do what you can. No pressure. After all, Henry is the one that needs your time. Have a great week.
    217 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    Something different works for everyone. You need to find what works for you. I’m glad you’re back.
    218 days ago
    218 days ago
  • JAMER123
    I can understand with as busy as you are . But you nee to begin thinking about yourself and some self healing with both physical and psychological. Both work hand in hand. Are you defeating yourself by setting goals you know in the back of your mind you aren't going to meet? Do you set a list on paper/computer/phone and follow that list on a daily basis? Look into yourself and see if you can find what is holding you back beside being so busy with life.
    Many hugs to you. I know you can do this and convince JD that you can too. Looking forward to the next blog no matter how short it is!
    218 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I think with your busy Mom schedule that the weight lifting would be great use of your time while Henry is in preschool. I also think it would be cool to have a former Olympian for a trainer. That would give me incentive to keep going. I'm glad that you are following a plan. I have found following a plan has helped me greatly.

    Henry is adorable. 2 1/2 already time is flying by.

    218 days ago
    I think you're doing great! Keeping up with everything in life can be difficult and I know you have your hands full raising your beautiful and amazing son. I'm proud of you for continuing your journey even when it's hard. I'm sure you'll do great with your weight lifting and I can't wait to see your progress. :)
    218 days ago
    218 days ago
    You are doing your best and the weight loss...."weigh" 2 go girl! It's hard making some commitments when we have busy life schedules that are different every day. Having a child puts you in that category..... you get what comes your way.

    Keep it up and you will meet your goals. Slow and Steady does work.
    Best of luck kiddo.

    Big Hugs
    218 days ago
    The accountability of working with a trainer will keep you at it. Then when you've learned proper technique and totally love it, you'll be able to do it on your own, should you choose to. I still prefer to work with a trainer. I need the accountability and the appointment with myself.

    Henry is growing up so fast! He's adorable!
    218 days ago
    Wow Henry is so big and so cute!! emoticon on your emoticon progress!! emoticon emoticon
    218 days ago
    keep on keeping on!!!
    218 days ago
    I would say not to be too hard on yourself, but you seem to have realistic goals, and I think that's great. Your Henry is very cute. (Mine is no longer able to be called cute, at age 29, but he is nonetheless an awesome son.)
    218 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    218 days ago
    Henry is so handsome!

    Good luck to you with the lifting. Sounds like you have an EXCELLENT professional as a trainer.
    218 days ago
    Henry is definitely growing up - he is adorable.

    Good luck with your goals - you can do it!
    218 days ago
    Sounds like you're setting some realistic goals. Congratulations on the weight loss. I look forward to reading what you're up to whenever you can drop in.
    218 days ago
    Don't sweat the small stuff. emoticon
    218 days ago
    You surely have the cutest kid in Dayton!! Don't you think that the lifting will be successful this time because a( you have the accountability and b) you are paying to succeed!! I know the accountability is what works for me!
    218 days ago
    Henry is adorable. Congratulations to J. D. & you for producing him.
    218 days ago
    congrats on the weight loss ...that is amazing!
    218 days ago
    Yes, a personal trainer... or classes... both of which mean you have an appointment day & time... which you pay for whether you are there or not does help you to keep your promise to yourself.

    It is way to 'easy' to say "later" when it is just yourself and
    your YouTube / dvd / do-it-yourself-gym-visit
    which can happen anytime... which can so easily become 'never'

    218 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/27/2019 2:50:36 PM
    You will find your rhythm....Henry is a real sweetheart! emoticon
    218 days ago
    Henry is growing up and so cute. Thanks for sharing

    Remember we're part of your family!

    Hang in there and keep doing what you're doing.


    218 days ago
    Always happy when you post. Glad you keep trying new things.
    Love the pic of your little boy. He is adorable!

    218 days ago
  • THOMS1
    Henry is beautiful and getting so big. He is a treasure. Jan Marie, you are not letting anyone down after all slow and steady is better. You are a busy mother and when you have a family non of this is easy but all you can do is stick to it and not worry about how fast your losing or how much. This is a healthy lifestyle change and you just have to find your way to what works for you and keeps you on track. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    218 days ago
  • no profile photo TIPPERDOODLE
    So glad to hear from you. Henry is a little doll. I do like WW also for the same zero point thing, I try to be careful, though, because they still have calories. Just blog when you can, it's always nice hearing from you and seeing pics of your munchkin. emoticon
    218 days ago
    You got to do what works for you! I always look forward to your blogs and updated pics of Henry. However, I know as a mom you can't do everything! Keep up the great job Jan-Marie!
    218 days ago
    Henry is looking quite grown up.

    How about if you tell yourself you will blog on certain days rather than trying to do it every day. Once you have the three times a week or every other day down pat, you can consider every day if that is what you decide.

    Good luck with the lifting.
    218 days ago
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