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Back From Vacation

Saturday, October 26, 2019

I'm back from Las Vegas. I had the time of my life!!! :D This was my 2nd vacation since starting my job, and this year's vacation was even better than the one from last year! My best friend and I were there this past Monday through Friday (so, 4 nights, and 5 days).

On Monday, we flew from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. We stayed at Mandalay Bay. We were pleasantly surprised that our room was ready early, so we checked in, and ate a late lunch. Then we unpacked, and explored the hotel. I did gamble a little. Then we ate dinner, and went to bed.

On Tuesday, we explored the strip. After we enjoyed a breakfast buffet, we walked to the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign, and I got cranky, because we were walking in the hot sun 1 hour roundtrip. But once we got back to our hotel, I got happy again. :P We watched a Cirque Du Soleil show, and it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen!!! This was the 2nd time in my life watching a Cirque Du Soleil show, and I highly recommend that everyone should watch at least 1 Cirque Du Soleil show in their lifetime...it's unbelievable!!!

On Wednesday, we ate a lunch buffet, and explored the strip again. We watched a tribute show, which was entertaining, but a little raunchy (which I secretly liked!). I did notice that there are a ton of hot girls in Vegas! :P

On Thursday, we ate at Caesar's Palace's brunch buffet, and it was the most amazing buffet I had ever been to (and I've been to a lot of buffets in my life)! It was super expensive, but well worth it. Then we explored the strip again. We watched a variety show, and it was just okay...it was actually much less impressive than I thought it would be. But it was still fun, though!

On Friday (yesterday), we just packed, checked out, ate lunch at the airport, and flew back home.

I was so sad to leave Vegas on Friday. :( I didn't want my vacation to end, but I'll survive. :) I do like my job.

On my vacation last year, I felt like I didn't deserve to go on vacation, because I grew up so poor that my parents never took my sister and I on vacation. It actually makes me really sad now that I even felt that way. That said, this year, I felt like I truly deserved it all!!! :')

My best friend and I loved our trip so much that we plan to go back every 5 years or so! Our hotel was nice, but we want to stay at The Bellagio (an even nicer hotel) next time. I guess since I don't live in a nice apartment, I like to stay in a nice hotel when I go on vacation.

I spent less than I thought, too, which is always nice!

I ended up gambling $4 total, but I won back $5.30! :P

Here are some pictures from Vegas! Enjoy!

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