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Young Love is Exhausting for the Mama

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

This morning I woke up tired so I went ahead and snagged a couple more hours once Isaac was off to school. I got a few little things done before it was time to take Ellsworth to the vet and then I was home for the day. I did a few paid work items that came across email. I then decided it was jigsaw puzzle day. Once Maegann was back from her errands and taking Auggie to the vet we turned on Aladdin and finished the movie.

Well, here's the progress photo of the current puzzle.

Not much as I had much of the blue finished yesterday. I had to spend time re-sorting all the pieces to shapes and that did help. It was fun and restful.

Tonight Maegann is feeling awful because she isn't happy that she hurt Griffin by telling him that she was giving Tayler another chance. She was doing fine with the decision until she was talking with a couple friends from school and they started telling her she was making a mistake. Ugh! They don't even know him! For tonight Tayler is still in place, but I know she is very anxious about seeing Griffin at work tomorrow. I told her if she changes her mind about Tayler she has to let him know soon and that there will be no going back if she does so to be very sure. I have a feeling she will go to work and back pedal so quickly that Griffin is the choice. We'll see...

Isaac was feeling a little better today, but was exhausted when he got home after open gym. He went to bed about 8 tonight so I know he was tired.

Tim finally made it to Reno this morning about 9:30 after being put up in a hotel overnight as he missed his connection by 15 minutes. Not too many flights out to Reno! He was at least able to do some work from the hotel last night so that was a positive to the change of plans.

Tomorrow I will have the house completely to myself as Maegann is back to school and then to work. I will finish up my Bible study lessons for Wednesday and then I'll decide what I want to do next. Choices: paid work (plan draft), 2020 Prayerful Planner prep, start going through stored boxes to choose keep or get rid of since we haven't needed most of it for over two years now. I also have to go to the pharmacy and by the doctor's office so will do that for my outing of the day.
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