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Sunday Reflections

Sunday, October 20, 2019

MAMADEE's Blog: SP ~ Day 4931

Being sick does have at least one advantage - I have more time to do stuff online that I've been putting off... over & over & over. emoticon

Here's a pic of my new haircut. I had it done this last Tuesday, the 15th - but haven't had the time to get the pic from my phone to my laptop and available for online places... until today.

Like many others, I'm not real fond of my own photographs. I totally LOVE taking photos - of nature, of other people, of babies & little kids especially. But when it comes to me, myself, and such photos; I'm just never happy with them. I see all the little flaws. I see all the ways I could have done it differently. "It is what it is" emoticon emoticon

Seeing this pic so many times today put me into some deep thoughts. emoticon
I'll spare you many of the details. emoticon

From sometime in my 'tween' years I've had concerns about my weight - mostly brought on from listening to others' opinions about it. I'm sure many of my friends & family meant no harm in what they spoke out loud. Since it still has some impact it seems some harm was done over the years. Many times, usually at the persistent requests of a certain friend or family member at that time, I tried various plans & programs to lose weight or get it under control in some fashion. Some did work for a little while. Nothing worked long term.

Now, I've been here at SparkPeople 13 years & 6 months. I've lost weight & gained weight & lost & gained, repeatedly. I hit my all-time highest weight 19 years ago & thankfully, I've not regained to that point. emoticon So, I was thinking today--- (in that extra time while sick) ---about the times when losing weight seemed "easy" - like it happened without me really thinking about it. One time was in the year after my quad pregnancy - of course, that sort of pregnancy does a lot of atypical changes to you. So it's not the easiest thing to replicate! Other times seem connected to major changes too: when I was first separated; when I moved the kids & I to another town 6 years later; when I moved 2 hours away from there just 2 years ago. But always, it seems to just as easily come back to me!

I moved to this area end of July and by the end of January I'd lost 40 pounds without paying any specific attention to doing so. By July the following year I was down a total of 50 pounds. It felt good - but it didn't last. Somehow I've gained back about half that. In the last month I've tried paying closer attention to what adds weight and what takes it away, but I'm really no closer to figuring out how to make weight loss happen and keep happening until I can get down to a non-obese weight. emoticon

BMI charts are "interesting" to work with. We must accept they are only a tool that gives us a suggestion of what a "normal" weight could be for us. I've looked at many today! So I must give high kudos to SP for providing us with a BMI calculator


I find it simple & easy to use - and a whole lot faster than pulling up some chart somewhere (there are many sites & many of them are also downloadable to your device) and finding your height and intersecting that with your weight to get a number that defines your current BMI.

When I got married, I thought I was way overweight then, my BMI was 28, maybe even 27. At my highest weight, near the end of 3 years of court for divorce & custody, my BMI was 57 (based on SP BMI calculations - because the charts I found online usually stopped at 50 or less). Today my BMI is at 49.5. Another plus for the SP BMI calculator is that it doesn't just give you a whole number - so it seems a little more precise; especially for a tool that really is very imprecise since it only considers two factors (height & weight) and there are many more to keep in mind when determining a weight that is healthy for each of us individually.

Still, when one is so overweight, so obese that it nearly exceeds present classifications (did you even know there are different classes of obesity?) using a BMI number to demonstrate progress is something I find helpful.

About those "classes" -
When you use the SP BMI calculator (assuming you're signed in to your account) it will show you the following ranges:
When you're signed in SP gives you a specific weight just under the line dividing each stage.
Underweight: less than 18.5 BMI
Healthy weight: 18.5 - 24.9 BMI
Overweight: 25 - 29.9 BMI
Obese: 30 - more BMI
I recently learned the medical community has broken "obese" into several classes:
Obese Class 1: 30 - 34.9 BMI
Obese Class 2: 35 - 39.9 BMI
Obese Class 3: 40 & up BMI
Most sites I could find this info on just named Class 1 - 3, with 3 being 40 & over BMI
There was one that further defined Class 3.
Class 4: BMI 50 - 59.9
Class 5: BMI 60 & above

It might seem strange, but having these classes helps me put losing weight into a better perspective:
At my highest I was in Class 4; now I'm in Class 3; a goal could be set to get into Class 2 by a given date. In my case, charts say Class 3 covers about 65 pounds. So a conservative goal could be to lose 70 pounds in the next 12 months (1.3#/wk). An intense goal would be to lose that 70 pounds in 28 weeks (2.5#/wk). I'll be happy anywhere between those two! If I could just figure out what will work to do that!

The fact that I'm not where I want to be
should be motivation enough.

When people ask, "What do you do?"
I say, "Whatever it takes!"

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong,
Focus on what could go right!

Be a kid at heart. It's what keeps the happy in our souls.

If you've read all this to this point, you may be hoping I don't get sick too often so my blogs will be shorter. emoticon LOL Well, thank you for that - but - I will always love to write and there are times I find more time for it, without getting sick. emoticon

It is health that is the real wealth

May today be a day of good health & many blessings for you!

Til next time,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love the haircut! Suits you.

    And you have done remarkably well with all you've dealt with!
    28 days ago
    So much good stuff in your blog! Keep writing. I'm agreeing from start to finish, shaking my head. When you talk about losing and regaining, I'm shaking my head in agreement and saying, "I could have written this." In my head I know what it takes to lose it. Doing it consistently is hard. Excuses are many, especially with chronic pain. I have recently decided to lose the excuse that I can't stand long enough to prep and cook (because of back pain).
    That is interesting about the class levels for obesity. It's easier to see progress when it's broken up like that. Thank you for sharing the information.
    Health is wealth!
    29 days ago
    I like your attitude--and you must have been one busy lady having quadruplets. That could definitely cause one to lose weight chasing after them and all you do. I do like your hair cut; think it is very attractive but I know what you mean about being critical; not long ago I got pictures taken, first time in years and I picked every one apart. Was not used to seeing my more 'mature self' shall we say... lol .... aka Old.
    SO I eventually deleted them. Oh well ... It is what is and life is short, so might as well enjoy it. Take care and have a good week.
    29 days ago
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