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Sunday, October 20, 2019

finally, finally..with nothing to worry about, no deadlines to meet, i slept. from about 11 pm till 7. no 3:45 am wakeup needed. no tossing and turning wondering how in the world i was going to get everything done and delivered on time. heaven!!!

got up all set to fill a keto order..and...i'm OUT of eggs. i rarely shop sunday..the stores havent restocked, theres too many people, i end up having to go back. my kind client said to take my time, so i am going to take her up on that.

i have a list a mile long on things that MUST be done before the snow sticks (we have already had snow but it melted so far I have to weedwhack the overgrown steps to the pool. and lucys pen. the garden has to be purged and retilled. i got a lot of it pulled but the tomatos and some nightshade that i didnt know what was so i left it need to go, then the tilling. Lucys pen needs piles of leaves cleaned out of it. theres a mess of vines and leaves next to my garage i want them gone or it will be so overgrown i'll never get it tames. i have to hork the a/c out of the bakery window. and my house is built into the ground. the kitchen and bathroom windows are at eye level. i need to pull the weeds and trees growing there..or i wont have light coming in..no time in the summer to get to it. and lastly i really, really need to do the applesauce!! i have 3 bushels of apples. i do keto, so cant eat fruit. but my mom and stepdad love it, so every year i take all the apples from my tree and make them cases of canned applesauce. my way of saying thank you for all they do for me.
the bakery has been so busy i havent had a chance to keep up with things. now that its slowing down i have to get to them..or next spring will be one bad deal. i dislike spring intensely..moreso when i have so much to do...so anything i can do now is a bonus.
so off to work for me..yesterday Lucy didnt want to stay in so i ticked off my list one more time mowing the entire 5 acres, and getting the garage rearranged so the tractor and car will fit in there. tractor is put to bed, lawn is mowed. on to the next....have a good sunday!!
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