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Day 74: Thursday thoughts- holding myself back during stressful moments

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Today is a great day. I'm finally finding a daily routine that kind of works for me. I can fit exercise in, meals, chores, and actually finding time to get actual paying work done! Some days need tweaking but I'm on it! Thought I'd share this image that kind of relates to this:

With a new baby and kids, it's hard to find time for routine and me time, exercising etc. In the beginning, with a newborn, yes it was impossible to find time. But, after the baby got older, I kind of held myself back because, like the horse, I was afraid. I guess the baby is the chair. I viewed the baby as a huge obstacle to exercising and eating healthy. I did try several times but always gave up after a week or 2. It just blows my mind how things can change when I finally put my mind to it.

On the other hand, you can't beat yourself up too much. Life can get hard. Life can hit at any time with something crazy that turns a routine upside down!

But like Bruce Lee says, better days are on the way. When you're in the middle of something crazy happening (bad news, a new baby etc) you can't see those better days until it starts happening. So, yes, I did hold myself back but I also didn't see the better days. Sometimes it just takes forcing baby steps to do it. I finally started getting back on track in August....what was so special about August?

Maybe the baby was finally old enough? My husband's knee was finally getting better?

Who knows.

This blog kind of turned into a weird judgement on the past year for me. I'm not trying to focus on the past too much but, I can't help it!

I'm gonna wrap it up though. Today planning on the gym and some healthy meals. Once again, not sure what the scale will say tomorrow. I had TOM come visit this week. Not sure if it will do something to the scale or not. but maybe a 1 lb loss would be nice?

Have a great Thursday!

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