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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Wow! They say the joy is in the journey...I'm waiting! LOL!! I think I can feel it...just around the corner...I'm hoping anyway...ya have to go through trials to make the good times that much sweeter, right?! Just for today...I can do anything just for today...

Well, let's see...where do I start?!

I'm happy to say I restarted my exercising on the 15th...the four month anniversary of Dad's passing. He would be happy that I am back at it as he always has been after me to lose weight! One day, Dad, one day!!

I cannot believe it's been that long already...time has flown on one hand and moved as slow as molasses in the arctic on the other! Who would have thought it would have taken so long to clear out a house! OMG! Dad passed on June 15 and we had the house vacated of all stuffs and on our way home on Sept 29th! Three months of hard work that's for sure! We spent the last three days in NE in a hotel as we cleared out the final remnants. We were finishing packing the truck the morning of the 29th and we had to unload it when we got to our destination...a seven hour drive!! But the important part is we survived!! Yes, we survived!! LOL!!

It wasn't without angst though! I hired two trucks and a couple of guys to pack them. Well, that was the PLAN! One of the two guys didn't even stay the full four hours...I was not amused to say the least! I asked the other fella if he was going to stay to help me unload the truck and he said he would, but he was of the impression we were going to be unloading the smaller truck at our storage unit when it was the bigger one! He was bemoaning that it was going to take a long time because it was just him and me. It didn't. We had it done in less than an hour and a half! Once we were done, he asked me how old I was and when I told him I was close to 60, he said I worked pretty good for being that old! LOL!! I let him know it was probably because I was a nurse and always on the run! LOL!!

Neither of these fellas knew what the heck they were doing...they were just hired by the truck company...they scratched the top of one of my antique side tables...first they had boxes on top of it (it's rectangle shaped with a center support) but the boxes were only on one end. I'm like no, no, no, no, no!! I told them nothing could be on top of it and it should be placed on something top down. So what do they do but put it top down on the floor of the truck with nothing on the floor to protect it... and there was a small rock which dug into the top because they put stuff in between the legs of the table. I was disgusted to say the least!! I hadn't had much time to watch just how they were packing the smaller truck so it's my fault. I just wasn't aware these guys didn't know what they were doing! smh Oh well, I can use a marker to help cover the gouge...I hope...it's kind of deep. Time will tell...and it's just an object....but it still makes me mad!

And while it was a milestone to get out of Mom and Dad's house, we went from one place of chaos to another. I'm staying with my sister and since she's been gone basically a couple of years, keeping the house has fallen to her adult son...um...well, that didn't happen! There was as much if not more chaos here...and we added to it with the stuff we brought with us! We've been here nearly three weeks and we still haven't got the room I will be using emptied. I know we are both tired, but the job isn't done yet...but any time I try to spur my sister into action, I'm met with more resistance. So, I finally told her I was going to buy a day bed for my room. She has finally gotten busy on the room (we are moving the stuff to storage), but it's not happening too fast. If we get one load to the storage unit, it's a red letter day! Oh well. The bed will be delivered next week. I'm hoping it will be done by then...I'm ready for my own space...and my own bed. I'm sleeping in her bed and she's sleeping in one of her recliners. Not good! But, my sister is a "PRO" when it comes to procrastination...she still hasn't made an appointment with her doctor about her heart...and when I bring it up, she just bristles...or cries and tells me not to push her...smh...

Well, I need to get me something to eat and get busy looking through the stuff that's mine in "my" room...hope everyone's doing well! TTYL!

I'm soon headed for a quick visit with more of my friends. After that, I will have to get busy and look for work. Just haven't decided what it is I want to do. Obviously, if I want to buy a house, I will need to find work in the medical field...that's where I would make the most $$, but my heart isn't into it anymore...time will tell...I am in the process of switching my license...

The critters have made the transition fairly well. We have entered the domain of my sister's cat. The dog is familiar with her, but not my cat! The first couple of days there were hissing fits and each one of them was sitting in elevated positions, but things have improved between the cats. This morning my cat was laying down in front of my sister's cat which I found interesting...submissive behavior. My sister's cat didn't do anything...just looked at her...will have to keep my eye on the dog though as he chased my sister's cat up a tree when they were both outside. Am not sure if they aren't just playing, but my sister's cat is older and doesn't need that kind of stress!!
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    Way too much stress for me and I hope things calm down soon. I hope you can get your own place where you can have some privacy and peace and quiet.
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    657 days ago
    657 days ago
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