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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Casey and I got our walk in this morning. My glute muscle is already feeling much better so walking the 5k yesterday must not have been overdoing it.

Today I am on clear liquids prepping for routine colonoscopy tomorrow. Will admit last evening after we got home from taking grand kids to a play, I thought about not being able to eat today and indulged. Not my best choice. No long term problem, though. I am committed to managing my weight and waist and intend to be right back on track.

How do you handle thoughts/worries about being hungry in the future?

Edit additions:
Picture of Gwen with young Simba and young Nala actors after seeing The Lion King:

Picture of the bridge from the 5K yesterday. You see it is not one of the big Florida bridges near the ocean that equate to a hill, although it requires some care when running because it can be slippery:

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  • GABY1948
    Glad you are not hurting now. You are doing amazing at most things! emoticon
    37 days ago
    An apple slice thin and sprinkled with sugar takes away my hunger.
    38 days ago
  • NANCY-
    How do you handle thoughts/worries about being hungry in the future? I use distraction. Movie, book, jigsaw puzzle. Plus I know it is short term, no food shortage here.
    So glad that you didn't over do it, because pain isn't fun. Hope your colonoscopy goes well.
    38 days ago
    It's interesting to read everyone's comments, because I always find myself dreading the fasting. The anticipation is worse than the actual fasting. I need to change my mindset, I think.
    38 days ago
    Thoughts/worries about being hungry in the future?

    Intermittent fasting up to 14 hours a day -- is pretty routine for me. Six pm to 8 am (or later) is typical

    If it's prep for surgery . . . that's OK. I've fasted entirely (water only) for a number of periods in my life of varying lengths of time (longest was 7 days) and I'm OK with complete fasting for multiple days: day 2 is typically the toughest. (Colonoscopy prep is NEVER fun for me, although what I really dislike is the effect "at the other end" more than the restriction of input!!)

    But the rest of the time? If I'm worried about being hungry in the future when I've eaten to gentle fullness, I no longer tell myself that "hunger is not an emergency". So that I ought to keep on eating. Instead, I promise myself that when I get hungry again, I can and will eat again . . . just to the point where I'm gently full.

    Really happy your glute pain subsided with the gentle walking exercise!! If you have a roller and there's some residual pain -- some rolling might help too.

    38 days ago
    Glad the muscles are settling down. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between normal DOMS and something more! Congrats again on having a good race and not "overdoing". Wisdom! emoticon
    38 days ago
    I'm glad the glutes are not in pain.
    38 days ago
    38 days ago
    Glad the glute pain has subsided and you and Casey have the streak intact.

    Like JHADZHIA, thoughts/worries about future hunger have not challenged me. Even when I am hungry I do not experience it as uncomfortable or find it troubling. I know food is available to me and am able to fast quite easily. A need to fast does not trouble my mind. I'm certainly not going to starve! Food is abundantly available to most of us.

    What feelings are beneath the thoughts/worries that arise when fasting is necessary? Fear? If so, fear of what? If fear of hunger comes up, dig deeper. Fear of hunger, why? Hungry for what? Is there a sense of panic present? If so, why? Regarding what? The feelings lurking below the thoughts/worries about the need to fast are likely not about the food. The feelings tend to go much deeper than that.

    38 days ago
    Glad to hear the glute pain is subsiding! I have had long experience fasting for many surgeries. I actually don't worry about it. It seems fasting agrees with me as only once was I really hungry after a surgery, but that was likely because I went an abnormally long time fasting as they really delayed my surgery because the Dr. was taking care of an accident victim with multiple injuries and they were reluctant to send me home to start over waiting again. I think having IBS issues makes me not mind giving my gut a rest now and then. I tolerate only two meals a day far better than having three.
    38 days ago
    I set up my meals in the fridge for the day. So, mentally, I know what's going to be each meal, it's planned so no 'food thoughts' about "what will I have for the next meal" . . . it's already there. It helps. Not perfect at it, but progress!

    38 days ago
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