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I have FRABBIT to thank for finally bringing this to the forefront of my brain....

Friday, October 11, 2019

Good day everyone,

Yes, I've been absent again for a while, although I have been checking in, trying to log daily.

I have been trying to read motivating blogs as often as I'm able as well as evidenced below. I can't say that I've looked for or found the article that FRABBIT read and blogged about (See below), but having read her take on it I had to respond cause it was like a light turned on for me. You know, an "AH-HA" moment!

Yes, I'm sure there are a lot of us out there that have the same issue. And yes, we all have to deal with these issues in our own way, cause obviously they're all different issues. But this blog was motivating in getting me to realize that from now on I HAVE to keep going! Even if it's to set what's got me frustrated aside for the moment and turn to something else to work on instead! Not to turn away from EVERYTHING.

I don't know if any of this will make sense to any of you. See my reply to FRABBIT's blog below though. Maybe that will bring a bit of light to it.


Hit the nail on the head
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019
I was reading a Spark article today and this one line resonated with me.

Feeling overwhelmed leads to inertia, so you end up doing nothing despite wanting change

This is me to a tee right now. So I have identified the problem. The next step is how to move forward. I try to over organize things or make them perfect rather than just getting something done. Doing one thing is better than nothing. I also have to be careful to prioritize things. Yes it is important to clean out my inbox but if then I waste time shopping is that really productive.

There is always a balance between getting things done and enjoying life. I am trying to make sure I am doing both. But the key thing is that I can't end up doing nothing.

Hello Elizabeth,

Your blog REALLY hit me right between the eyes!
Oh yes, feeling overwhelmed leads STRAIGHT to inertia! I have been dealing with this myself over and over and over again. I just can't seem to get out of the hole I dig for myself.

I try to write up a list of things that need doing and prioritizing them. Then I find that I've forgotten more important items that needed to be done FIRST, so I have to start all over again!
No. Organization is NOT my forte.

I started a business back in May of this year. It's already October and the business is still not open. There it is. I get overwhelmed not knowing which way I should be going first so I stop to take a break to think about it and the break ends up being longer than it should be. This needs to be run like a job! I can't sit back and watch TV all day without working on this job and expect it to be done for me! Although I am working with a company who is teaching me the ins and outs of starting this type of business. Problem is, they are out in Washington State while I'm in Missouri. emoticon Probably should have thought that out a bit.

Anyway, this is getting rather long for just a reply to your blog. Know that you're not alone. There are others out there with the same issues that we're struggling with.
Have a great day and a wonderful weekend ahead. emoticon

I'm hoping I'm not breaking a rule by posting her blog and my response to it. I did message her but she must have been busy today and not able to reply.

In other news, I am doing better losing. A little at a time, as Beth is fond of saying. I'm down 6 pounds in the last 3 weeks. That's not with much in the way of exercise either. I'll get a bit in every now and then, but before reading Elizabeth's blog I've been pretty much in a state of inertia when I'm not working on the computer. It's hard to motivate yourself to get moving when you're at home all day.

Since the weather is cooler now, Carlie, my puppy really enjoys going out and running around the yard. I'll take her for walks every now and again when my knees don't hurt too badly, but she's always straining to run. Am trying to teach her to heel and walk beside me. That will take some time. My hubby is working with her when he can as well since I can't always take her out.

My only other issue with going out with her is that I was born a KLUTZ. I've had so many accidents, falls, cuts, you name it, in my life that it has me scared to walk down the street without some support with me. In the time we've lived in this house I've gone walking and tripped falling over cracked cement hurting my legs and knees many times. I've never been very coordinated. Even as a child. Couldn't tell you how many broken bones I've had in my life.

I'm still walking, thank you, God! But if I don't continue to lose this weight, for how much longer? I've very thankful to God also that my husband is behind me all the way in my decision to not finding another job until this business starts making some money. Then I'll look for a part-time job working at home so I can handle orders at the same time.
It's been really tight financially, but I have faith that God will continue to provide us with what we need to get us by.

This is getting longer and longer but I have one more piece of GREAT news to impart!
My husband finished the last of his radiation treatments for prostate cancer they didn't get last year with the surgery. They are very sure that this worked for him. And they said he's in the top 5% of men who get back to normal after the treatment. So YAY!! We can get back to normal as man and wife again, especially since our 40th wedding anniversary was September 29th. We're working on it anyway.

Thanks for reading this far. So sorry for the length. For not having blogged in a while, I had a lot to say.
Have a Great Weekend all!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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