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My Monday Goals, I did,,, I didn't?

Monday, October 07, 2019

One of my goals today was to have friends over to make cake pops.

Why do THAT??? I love having people over to do things they'd normally not do. PLUS I had WON the kit from Barbara last week when at camp a week ago Saturday. We had played Yankee Swap, she got the gift, and well, I WANTED IT!! So I TOOK it from her!!

Barbara is 85 and broke her hip in May. We all DEARLY love Barbara to bits and pieces. I knew her D growing up. Met the rest soon after though her D and I were not close friends we know each other. So the "NO YOU DON'T!!" "LEAVE BARBIE ALONE!!" "MEANINE" screams CAME OUT amidst some giggles!! And well so I "LET" her "keep her gift." Mind you I WHINED HORRIBLY more for the FUN of it than anything else!! LOLOL

Last Weds I went over to her house for a small gathering and it was on her floor. She had pretended so MUCH that the gift she'd NOT LET ME HAVE!! But,,, she did Exactly that!!!

She said she'd not have the need for it, but it brought her so much JOY saying "NO!!" and getting everyone going. NEVER let an older person fool you!! Their bodies may get older, but LOL the humor and mind hopefully doesn't and it hasn't Barbara!!! I was THRILLED to have her and her BFF over today. Oh we didn't do perfect, but more giggles were had, and it was just a really fun time. I am honored she passed it over (I LOVE Company!) and more so that she and RoseMarie were the first ones to test it out with me!!

We are giving some to those we know do not get much attention. A sweet for a sweet!!

So that goal emoticon

The Others were:

At least 8 (no more than 10) glasses of water daily
emoticon with 10 emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Between 60 to 90 mins of Exercise
emoticon with 30 over for 120 mins
Adding in more stretching thru yoga and some Strength Training
NOT MET, but that's OK!!!
Adding in more freggies (FRuit/vEGGIES). I Start to do better than I SPUTTER OUT!
Finish my tree painting. The trunk needs to be finished up and a little bit more tweaking of the leaves/branches, but I am pleased with the rest of it. The other stuff I will be!!
NOT MET but, in a bit I am going to play around on paper with it first, before doing it, likely tomorrow.
Make an appointment for my feet
NOT MET, need to think about this one. Do I want to see the foot Dr I had recently seen or one I'd seen who did a surgery years ago.

So emoticon on the GOALS Met!!

And on the ones NOT MET? Does that mean I AM SIMPLY JUST AWFUL???


These are simply GOALS. Something I WANT, but they are NOT demands. Goals are to aimed for though they may not always be completed at the time we wish. Some of these will met daily, others not so much (Hear those who know me groaning "Oh, She means FREGGIES" Hehehehe you KNOW Me to well, but it remains a goal, and some day WHO KNOWS we may just break freggies together! emoticon emoticon )

Now I DID get more exercise than I had planned on
emoticon emoticon emoticon
I did 3 errands that I had not planned on doing which instead of taking my car, I emoticon !!!
I cleaned and cleaned because well ,,,,, I did. LOL
emoticon emoticon emoticon

The park across the street. I picked up some leaves from the ground. A friend sent me a neat pic of painting them.

So that's on either tomorrows list as well the above goals.


for coming!!! I LOVE your comments and appreciate them!
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