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Friday, October 04, 2019

The seller for the house that my best friend Denise and I are interested in already accepted another buyer's offer, but we are still going to see the house in person today; the realtor said that if we make a better offer, we might get the house after all. So, Denise and I are going to have lunch today, and then go see the house for a private viewing. There's another house we're interested in that's nearby, so we might drive by the other house to at least see the exterior. Progress!

I got an email yesterday at work from headquarters about how there are going to be job vacancies soon. There's this one job that I've always been interested in, which pays much more than what I get now for my position. The only reservations I have are that you have to do crowd control (I'm sensitive), have to lift heavy boxes of office supplies, and you have to be really good at computers (I'm just okay). I used to think that my current job is perfect, but I realized that even though I love my job, I am unhappy of the pay (which would suffice for most other areas of the US, but I live in Los Angeles where it is a poverty wage due to outrageous rent here). If I stay at this job, I'll never be able to buy a home, which has been my lifelong dream. So, I think I am at least going to apply for this new job, because there's no guarantee that I'll even get the job. I'll need to tweak my resume when I have time.

My weight is slowly going down, which I'm pleased with. I want to get into the 160s again!

I didn't give my parents an allowance this week, and I told my mom that I might stop giving an allowance to them from now on, because I need to save money, and she was understanding.

I am eligible for a promotion (which comes with a raise), and (I think?) tenure at the end of the month, and I am really excited!!! I really need this raise, and tenure.

My apartment had a leaky faucet that was recently fixed by our water filter company. My room floor has yet to be fixed.
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