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Reminders on the iPhone and Dieting

Friday, October 04, 2019

One of the things I appreciate with my iPhone is that I can set reminders. It's been such a life saver. I have it set regarding bills that are automatically withdrawn so I can make sure I have money in it. Remind me of upcoming events, meetings etc.

AND I have daily reminders for personal things and for me it really helps.

When I first began reading the Beck Diet Solution (I am re-reading it right now), they have you create response cards to read daily and it builds. So I decided to take advantage of my iPhone and use the calendar app to send me notifications.

I have reminders set twice a day to read my response cards ... which often folks use index cards, but I use the notes app on my phone. The main one is my personal "advantages of losing weight and being healthy."

Next up I have a reminder set at noon to go off to give myself a pat on the back. This is a reminder to give myself credit for the good I am doing towards my goal of losing weight and being healthy. I stop and do a quick reflection.

Today I set up 3 reminders. SIT TO EAT. I sit down at each meal to eat. No distractions. I sit down. plate/bowl/silver/cloth napkin. i have no problem during the day and for supper.

I didn't do this reminder last time. I just read it on my notes ... but I've been struggling with late night snacking. So, I decided that I just need to plan for having a late night snack around 10 since I'm often up til 12-1 am.

So I will plan for this snack. Since it's planned, then I have the calories left to do so AND I set a reminder to SIT TO EAT. This means, don't grab a quick snack from the fridge and stand there and nibble. Even if it's an apple. Or whatever. Sit down. No distractions.

Could be that this reminder to sit to eat at 10 will make me want a snack because sometimes I don't do it. it could also just normalize it that it's not a big deal and I am not sabotaging my diet. it could also be a pain since I will have to prepare a snack and sit down and then clean up and I'll opt to not do it.

I will give this a try to see.
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