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Goals & Gratitude 9/14/19

Saturday, September 14, 2019

First, the GREAT news: I got a 90% on my Managerial Accounting final! That's better than I expected! I was aiming to get a B on it so I would keep a B in the class. With that grade, I should get a B+ in the class. I am very happy! I still have my Auditing final to do. My teacher still hasn't posted it... Perhaps I should email her... I have only one assignment due tomorrow and then I have a couple of things due Monday, but otherwise, the homework load is a lot less now. I didn't do any homework today. I had planned to but it never happened. I went to church this morning, then came home and cleaned, and then I have been catching up on my email and paperwork. I still need to work on planning a Sunday school lesson for next Sunday (not tomorrow) and I am still working through some paperwork. I figure I will work on homework a little while tomorrow after church.

I am also happy to report that my weight is down a little, about a pound and a half. I have really been working on nighttime eating. I haven't eaten at night for the last three days, and I am aiming to make it a full week. My goal is just to fight the urges every night from here on out. I am sick of doing well all day then sabotaging myself at night. I really want to lose weight, and I haven't lost anything since last May. The weight I lost this week is the weight I had gained. Once I get below 194 lbs., then it's official that I've lost weight. The goal is to be at 194 by next Wednesday.

I didn't really have time to exercise this week, what with finals going on. I got in a good cardio workout cleaning the house today, and I'm going to do core and glute exercises tonight while I watch TV. I'm going to try to do more exercising while I watch TV this next week. I think that's a good goal.

Today's Goals:
1) Put away the laundry.
2) Cook dinner.
3) Finish paperwork.
4) Plan Sunday school lesson.

Tomorrow's Goals:
1) Finish homework due Sunday and start homework due Monday.
2) Go to the gym.

Today I'm Grateful For....
1) A 90%!
2) A clean house.
3) Plenty of food in my fridge waiting to be cooked. (I love to cook.)
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