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Goals & Gratitude 9/9/19

Monday, September 09, 2019

Well, I'm writing early today. I managed to get the living room cleaned up this morning and did all my homework by 3 PM. I have two final exams to do this week, then I will be done with two more classes and I will have some time to relax for the rest of the month. I will still be in two classes, but I don't have a lot of work for either class. I will be working on Human Relations and Import/Export for the rest of the month and both are turning out to be very interesting classes. Human Relations is a business class, but it seems to be more like a communications class. I am enjoying the chapter readings for it. For Import/Export, I have to do a project where I hypothetically import and export two different products. I am importing organic catnip toys from Canada, Germany, and Malaysia and exporting organic hamster and guinea pig food to Germany. I am enjoying doing the research for my project and learning all about how to run an import/export business. Both classes require about 3 hours work of work each per week, which isn't a lot. My accounting classes have required about 10 hours of work per week, so I will enjoy the downtime.

The weather here is turning really nice, and I hope it stays that way. September is usually brutal in Southern California with temperatures at well over 100 degrees. It was that way last week, but today and yesterday it didn't even hit 90. It's about 83 outside right now and it's 3 PM. I having been exercising in the evenings, but it's so nice out that I'm going to go in about an hour and do my walk. I will make sure to put on sunscreen and wear a hat, though! The last thing I need is a sunburn.

Now that classes are dying down, I have to figure out when I will go to the L.A. County Fair this month. It ends Sept. 22nd, so I will have to go next week. I usually go the week of my birthday (the 21st) to celebrate. I am spending the 21st going to the Japanese American National Museum in downtown L.A. for free museum day, so I will probably go to the Fair next week Thursday. I entered jam and while I don't think I won any ribbons (I would have heard by now had I), I would still like to take a picture of my jars on display. I love looking at all the entries everyone does.

Today's Goals:
1) Put away the laundry and change the sheets.
2) Organize my Managerial Accounting binder for the final exam.

Tomorrow's Goals:
1) Make study guides for the Managerial Accounting final and figure out what questions I want to ask my teacher at our last online meeting.
2) Get to the gym and do the weight machines.

Today I'm Grateful For...
1) The winding down of classes.
2) The lovely weather.
3) Afternoon walks.
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