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Friday, September 06, 2019

I have been updating my progress on my profile page but it seems i'm running out of space. I dont want to lose all teh valuable lessons, challenges and trials i have recorded of my weight loss story so I will blog them and save them that way.

THis is the start record:

Gain back my ideal weight of 65 Kg...Believe in myself.
[Calorie restriction and exercise]
Start 1Feb2011: 102kg (224.87lbs)
5May2011: 90kg (198.42lbs) -12kg
1Aug2011: 85kg (187.39lbs) -5kg
1Dec2012: 96kg (211) +11kg
18Aug2013: 98kg (216 lbs) +2kg
31Dec2013: 88kg (194 lbs) -10kg
1May14: 102kg (224.9lbs) and I'm right back where I started +12kg

[Intermittent Fasting and Low Carb. No exercise Yet]
1Jan 2019: 105kg (231.4lbs) 97kg (214lbs) edit Feb New scale reading 105kg (231.4lbs)
1Feb 19: 102kg (224.8lbs) 94kg (207lbs) -3kg 102kg (224.8)
25Feb2019: 96.2kg (212lbs) NEW SCALE READING!!! I bought a new scale and have to
adjust my tracker accordingly....lets see how it goes... +2kg new
scale: -5.8kg (-12.79lbs)
1March19: 95.8 kg (210.76lbs) -6.2kg loss (-13.67lbs) for February
1April19: 90.4kg (199.29lbs) -4.6kg (-10.14lbs)
1May19: 89.9kg (198.19lbs) -0.5 (-1.1lbs)
1June19: 87.2kg (191.8lbs) -2.7 (-5.9lbs
1July19: 87kg (191.8lbs) -0.2 (-0.44lbs)
1Aug19: 82.7 (182.3lbs) -4.3kg (-9.47lbs)
1Sept19: 82.9 (182.8lbs) +0.2 (+0.44lbs)

Month by month update of my activities, gains, losses and overall progress:

I am looking for a way to lose the extra weight that is sustainable in the long term and won't have me want to quit in a year or so....I think maybe intermittent fasting is it....
I am starting at 97kg (new scale 105kg) on 1 Jan 2019 with 36 hrs fasting three times a week while doing 16:8 the rest of the week. Let's see how it goes....

Update 28jan19 (down 3kg - 6.6lbs)
For the next 4 weeks I will be doing straight 16:8 everyday...

Update 4 Feb 2019 - I am gaining so I am changing it up to OMAD - one meal a day)

Update 25 Feb 2019 - since Jan 1st I have lost a total 9.2 kg (20.28lbs), 3kg (6.6lbs) in Jan and 6.2kg (13.67lbs) in Feb.

Update 3March19 - I have been doing mostly 20:4 fasting the past week, with a few days off fasting (3days) and keto. I weigh 95kg (209lbs) down 1.2kg (2.6lbs) since last week (I have a new scale so I had to adjust my weight accordingly). I will keep doing 20:4 with 1 or 2 days 24hr fast weekly for the rest of the month.

Update 7April2019 - Not very strict with the fasting this month, tried to stay on OMAD but mostly did 16:8 and had alot of carb days that i went off Keto. Weigh in at end of the month 90.4kg (199.29lbs) woohoo one-derland!! that's a loss of 4.6kg (10.14lbs).
Will continue with OMAD as much as possible with twice weekly 36hr fasts.

Update 2May19: April didnt go too good with the planned schedule. Mostly did OMAD but not very KETO this month, as you can see with the loss of only 0.5kg for the whole month. Still a loss though finally went below 90kg! I havent been here in so long. 89.9kg
I have to do better in May. I will try and maintain ketosis for the entire month of May and do my 3x36hr water fasts every week while keeping to 20:4 the rest of the week. Update8May19 - been doing OMAD most of the week, but struggling to maintain ketosis. Havent fasted 36hrs all week. I will keep trying

Update 1 June2019:
The first 2 weeks of the month didnt see any loss, i stayed OMAD for those two weeks but didnt do any longer fasts. I then figured I should up my game a bit so I started doing 2 x 36hrs fasts for the next two weeks and started seeing losses immediately. I initially wanted to do 3x36hrs but since i saw results with the twice weekly, i decided to keep it at that until my next plateau. So I lost 2.7kg (5.94lbs) basically over the last 2 weeks of the month. Current weight 87.2kg (191.84lbs)

Update 1 July19: 87kg (191.8lbs) lots of cake and not fasting since it was birthdays left right and center...LOL

Update 10July2019:
did 2 more 72hrs fasts over the last two weeks of the month. Current weight 84.7kg (186.73lbs) lost 2.5kg (5.5lbs) for the month of June. Alot of junk and non fasting days was had as this was my birthday month and many other celebrations. so good to see a loss.
I am going to do 18:6 or OMAD as much as possible this month, maybe see how many 24hrs fasts I can do but mostly going to stick with OMAD to see if that will lose/maintain/gain for this month.

Update 2Aug2019: Since the last update i have managed to do 3x36 hr fasts every week, basically alternate day fasting with OMAD on eating days. I feel good. some weeks i did continuous 66-72hr fasts, lets see if i can persist in Aug or if I feel i should change it up. At some point I'd like to try a prolonged fast of up to 7 days. Working up to it. SO my weight? last month 87kg (191.8lbs), this month 82.7kg (182.3lbs) loss of 4.3kg (9.5lbs).I do feel really good though. Dont know if i'm going to stick with it or maybe go back to 18:6 fasting....lets see how this week turns out.

Update 6Sept.2019: The month of August did not see much by way of weight loss but i see myself in an entirely different light now - see progress pic on page!... I wouldnt have believed it - in fact I still dont and have to constantly look at the picture to remind myself not to make fun of my fat anymore..lol....I did do alternate day fasting the whole month except for a week that i stayed with a friend and didnt want my dieting to get in the way, as she went through a lot of trouble with the meals for me. Anyway the weekends in this month were my downfall....too much carbs even though I was staying within my calorie range. I also did not fast on the weekends so ate all day long. All the losses i would make over the week were trashed over the weekends....so my weight: 81.8 kg (180.3lbs) as of this morning. But since my official weigh-in is on Wednesday that reading is 82.9kg (182.8lbs) a loss of only 0.2kg (0.44lbs) for the month of August. My goal was to reach 75kg (165.3lbs) by the end of September but I am so happy I have lost over 22kg (50lbs) over the last 8 months. I will continue alternate day fasting for now and will be stricter with my carb intake and hopefully i meet my goal.

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