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And Today Was Going So Well...

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

I have been having trouble sleeping, and I have been playing with my medication (yes, my doctor knows), so I was actually able to get up at 9 AM today, which is the earliest I've been up in weeks. I finished my Managerial Accounting homework in the morning, but I did bad on it (I got a 51% as my final score), so I emailed my teacher and said I would wait to hear from him before I did the quiz. Little did I know... I waited until 6 PM and when it became clear that he wasn't going to email me, I logged in to do the quiz, only to find out that it closed at 1:45 PM. Every other assignment has closed at 11:45 PM, so I am confused as to why he did this. I got a one-day extension through today, so I guess that's the reason. I didn't even think to check the time it was due. It's never been a thing before. Anyways, with the 51% and the zero, my grade dropped from an 88% to an 81%. Here I thought I might pull a B in this class. I will be lucky to get B- and will have to work to keep me from getting a C+. It's my own fault, but I would have just done the stupid test had I known. Even if I failed it because I didn't understand the work, I could have gotten at least a few points. I really don't like this teacher. He basically ignores me even though he knows that I don't understand the work very well and that I'm struggling. I am soooo glad this is my last class with him. I have a different instructor for my fall class. He's accommodating, but not really... He doesn't answer my questions regularly and I feel like since it's an online class, that's all he's there for. I really don't like him.

Besides that, I am waiting for my dinner to defrost so I can eat and go for a walk. I had soup in the freezer I got out yesterday, but it's still hard as a rock, so it'll be awhile before I eat.
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