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Being gracious with myself

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

I tend to be a very giving person. It's not always a good trait. I tend to give more to others then have nothing left for my own needs.

Eating zero-carb as an elimination protocol has been harder and easier.this week. Changing the wording was important and finding more resources to read and listen to has been helpful. I took myself to a steakhouse for lunch, ate just the meat, and brought the food home to the flexitarian.

Our house is insane right now, food wise. My husband had the low carb diet recommended to him by his doctor a couple months back. He turned to me as the "expert" since I've been Keto since November, not understanding that having to talk about food is a definite trigger for me. He's lost 17 pounds. I'm so jealous. Our daughter has been having more food sensitivity reactions (not an actual allergy according to the office, but when you throw up, something is happening :/) so she's eating less meat and more veggies. Our son now has braces and really can't use his front teeth to pull things apart. Right now, I'm doing the toddler cutting for him since he seems to forget steak knives cut all food apart. Then there's me on Carnivore/zero-carb. :p

Is there a reason I'm exhausted? Oh, this is only one of many issues we're walking through.
Life can be crazy for any of us. Perspective matters, and so does humor, relaxation and a healthy smirk.

There are some days I really can't do much. There are some days I have more umph. I get to walk the journey just as it is.

Today will involve making more meatballs. Meatballs are easy and yummy and small enough, usually to not irritate my system too much. I can wrap 'em in bacon, too. I found that getting the shaved beef is much faster to cook, so that's been added to my go-to list.

Having multiple chronic illnesses does *not* help with food prep. Easy is necessary right now, and easy has felt quite difficult for a number of years. Keto helped with this transition to zero-carb. I know zero-carb is probably not forever, though that didn't stop the panic attack that happened at the grocery store. I need to ask others to go with me - keep me on task and help me talk through the overwhelm.

See! There was gracious talk within these words. I can do what I can do. Today, that will be enough.

Thanks for reading.
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