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Getting ready for the Fall Garden

Friday, August 23, 2019

My garden is very therapeutic for me in that I am moving my body in many different ways. I love to be in nature. In fact, today when picking beans under my hoophouse, one of the humming birds came to check me out over and over. The hummingbird babies have hatched and now the parents are patiently leading them to my feeders and hovering over nearby to watch them drink. I talk to them and they interact with me. Soon, I will train them to eat out of my hand!

It has been so hot that yesterday I noticed a lot of flowers on the green beans but no flying insects to pollinate. Forget honeybees, they are almost nonexistent on my property. But carpenter bees and wasps have flown in to do the job. I'd get back into honeybees but the 100 degree heat in our southern summers are too much or me to work them every week. I've been looking for a low maintenance, less productive hive system. Let me know if you know of one!

The seeds I planted in the garden came up, if they did at all with an overabundance of weeds. Too many to pick individually or hoe. So this week I am planting the following in my wintersowing jugs so that I can just plant the plants in rows and how inbetween (or use Preen).I planted:
yellow squash
Chinese Cabbage
Mustard spinach
Bok Choi

The trash pumpkins performed well. I call them trash because I had saved the seed from last year and they didn't cost anything. I wanted them to cover a normally weedy flower garden and asparagus patch. Job done! I'm grilling the pumpkins and roasting the seeds for healthy snacks and to put on salads. I do as some native americans did and make hoecakes out of the normally thrown out gunk you clean out of pumpkins and squash.

Happy gardening!

McDougall Plan Coleader

Photo: http://stocksnap.io
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