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Facebook woes

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

My sister and I use Facebook a lot. We share posts and information with each other mostly using the "only me" option and then tagging each other (or others)

Facebook, in their not very wise way, has changed how we can tag anyone using that "only me" share option.

Why do we use the "only me" and tags? Sometimes what we are discussing is a little embarrassing, or personal. Whatever our reasons, it has worked very well for us over several years.

So something I share with her, she will get the post on her wall (but not in her notifications) and we can no longer "share" these posts to our own timelines. If she does not use the "save" feature, she will never be able to find that again, because once seen, the posts seem to disappear. But if we use the "save" feature we can access it that way - if we remember!.

The problem doing it that way is that these posts will never show up in a activity search, but will they show up in our memories a year from now? Who knows..... I guess we have to wait a year to find out.

example: I want a recipe for ? whatever. She finds a recipe and tags me "Is this what you are looking for?" I would look at it to confirm it is what I wanted and share the post to my timeline. A month from now I want the recipe again and can just do an activity search to find it. Not anymore. Oh I can still do the activity search and maybe find similar recipes, but not that particular one because Facebook would not let me share her post (and any comments she may have made) with just me..... In fact, her posts no longer have a share button..... But having to do an activity search AND a "saved" search just to find one item is a lot of extra work.

I said maybe we should look into another forum. There is one (We Me or some such,) but apparently she heard it is difficult to navigate. It has taken me years to remember and figure out Facebook!

We may have to go back to copy/paste into email, any information we want to share with each other. Frustrating beyond belief.

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