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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

nope never got in the pool yesterday. maybe today, but i have to mow..and that takes HOURS.

Good news. had my every 3 month dr visit yesterday. i always have to have bloodwork done..full panel with cholesterol etc.
After almost 3 years on keto. Down 150 pounds with 5 being from the last time i was seen. All bloodwork PERFECT. She shook her head and said..you proved me wrong. when you told me about this i thought bacon and butter was crazy. But i kept my word and the more research i do the better this looks...people are totally turning their health around with it. Diabetics are fine..which they arent with any other way of eating.
who would have thought fruit and most veg is bad? but you were right...and the medical community is coming around.
my only number that i thought was a little high was my fasting blood sugar..she laughed and said umm thats not high..but it is higher due to the dawn effect...i had gone armed with the data explaining it, but she had already done the research and knew why (when you eat little to no carbs, when you wake up in the am your body lets go of whatever sugar it can --yes your body makes its own carbs to what it needs) and they go into your bloodstream. People truly doing strict keto, like myself, will show a higher BS fasting..as soon as i eat it goes right down...totally opposite of the usual)
anyhow. i came home happy. amazing that 3 years ago i was looking at most probably an early death. i was in so much pain i could barely get out of bed in the morning..it was only my dog that needed me that kept me moving. now i'm awake hours before her...while the pain can never be gone its better. my bloodwork was abysmal now its perfect. and her comment was that i looked "vibrant"
i used to dread going to the doc. dread getting on the scale and seeing "the look". she was really good about not bugging me..fat people know they are fat. but its her job, and she had to say something.
and i tried EVERYTHING. everything. for 40 years. and i fought keto tooth and nail. and i'm so glad i finally gave in. And did the research and learned the truth about it.

may everyone have a wonderful day....smile!!
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