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It Works If You Work It!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

I love the OA Speakers App (thanks sponsor!) and the Drop the Rock App. When I'm in the car, I almost always turn off the radio and listen to these. Just more ways to get some good stuff in! The one from yesterday was interesting. One thing that he said that I thought a lot about was that there are a lot of programs out there for losing weight - and they ALL work. "They work if you work them." I have always said, "I tried this, I tried that - and nothing worked!" Truth is, they all worked for a time - and when I stopped working them, they didn't. So - wait, does that mean that OA won't work either??!! *insert panic face here* YES, that's exactly what that means. IT WON'T WORK IF I DON'T WORK IT. So, what's the difference? I think the difference is that OA helps me understand more about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHY of my situation. WHO? Well, me - but me is a compulsive overeater who has an allergy (abnormal reaction - I learned that, too) to certain foods that trigger a physical compulsion that leads to a mental obsession. WHAT? Well, there's a lot of "what" in this program - basically my HP, the Big Book, the 12 and 12, the FELLOWSHIP (which is a HUGE part for me) the tools, etc. LOTS of whats that are close at hand at all times and give me the practical stuff I can use. WHERE? Anywhere! I can do OA in my car (reading literature on breaks, listening to OA apps when driving, talking on the phone on bluetooth - let's be safe! - listening to phone meetings, etc. I can do OA at home, at face to face meetings, and anywhere! WHY? Because I am different. I am a compulsive overeater and I need the understanding of that condition that I get from OA. So - if I don't work OA, it will stop working for me. Just like all the other things that I have done.

So, I don't know about you, but I'm going to KEEP COMING BACK. IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT! What will you do today to work it?

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