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What about the future? What about the past?

Friday, July 26, 2019

In the past year or longer, I've really tried focusing on staying in the moment. It's caused a weird shift in mindset. Since my birthday came and went, I've been thinking about what I want in the future. Although I really started around August 11, 2016, I use September 21, 2016 as the anniversary date for my current journey because that's when I attended the fitness camp that changed my perspective on myself and connected me to the support I needed. I plan to do something big that is reflective of my journey, but I'm still debating on what.

Anyways, after changing my focus from past to present, I see a lot of things differently. I workout harder because I'm not worried about soreness tomorrow (not to say that I push to injury; I practice safe lifting). I spend a little more recklessly than I should. I let myself eat and connect more freely. Yes, it hurts like a … sometimes, but I have survived.
In the past month or so, I've started to let myself see the larger scope of things: how does what I do now affect my future self? Where should I let myself be in the moment and where should I think about it longer term? Logically, you can probably guess what the results were, but I think I needed to experience it to understand it.
My results are that workouts should be planned, but the actual intensity of the workout should be experienced in the moment; finances should very well be planned, though you should have a budget/allowance that you may (or may not) spend frivolously in the moment; food should be planned ahead of time, but you should not deprive yourself of cake (or generically whatever it is you want); relationships... oof. Relationships are one that very much borders on the "both". In the moment, let yourself experience it. However, if you forsee it not working long-term, talk about it with the person. It may be destined to be a short-term, high-intensity relationship or simply not meant to be. Either way, there are ways to enjoy it regardless. Social activities fall into the same category, but for a different reasoning. Social activities, especially complex or expensive ones, should be planned in advance, but it's absolutely fantastic to do something spontaneously.
So, where do I go from here?
Continue to track the weight I'm lifting. Plan my workouts. Complete the plans at an intensity that allows me to finish them at an intensity that I'm okay with. Use past workouts to determine what made me push harder and what made me really struggle. Plan for better workouts.

Continue tracking and planning. Allow a 200-600 calorie buffer range to allow for unplanned snacks. Don't deprive yourself; but moderate the "junk" food. Feel free to indulge, but do so wisely. In the end, make sure that your week and months end where you need them to. One day won't throw you off too much. Look to the past. Where do I see trends? What can I improve and what have I done well? What can make that dramatically easier?

Social activities:
Plan them more often. And freaking go out with friends spontaneously on a weekday some time. I need a break sometimes. I know I'm a bodybuilder/ powerlifter/ gym guy in a lot of people's eyes, but I'm also a social being. Take past experiences to come up with ideas in the future. New people might make an old experience different.

Don't just look at my bank account. Look at receipts. How much am I paying for extracurricular food and how much is my planned food? How is that affecting my bottom line and my waist line? Once I have that, write out my expenses and bill due dates. Visit a financial advisor. Make a long-term (5 year? 10 year?) plan. Plan things you don't know that you will like. Look at the past to make a future plan.

Love as if tomorrow won't happen, but don't let a relationship continue if you don't think it should last tomorrow unless you communicate that. The biggest love yield the biggest hurt sometimes. And touch people (consensually), physically and with communication. Talk to them and share. Learn to connect more fully. Let the past teach you to connect better in the present and the future.

Did I miss any areas of life? Do you have any additional advice (especially if you have lived it)? How does your past and your future affect your present mindset?

As always, Sleep Long, Stay Strong, and Keep On Keepin' On!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PICKIE98
    If I had your insight when I was your age, my life would have a 180 degree difference.

    DEFINITELY get a financial plan. Get annuities, CD's, stash it away for later on. Life will toss fireballs at you a lot.
    I started with a savings account when I was ten years old, had two insurance policies at age 21, IRA's at age 24.
    Making goals, being flexible, loving yourself and your freedoms, those are life's blessings.
    My one big dream was to go to Italy, I will never make it there now due to health issues, but did travel all over to other places. I would need to travel with somebody now for safety reasons to Europe, but I do have the money to do it. Go while you are single and healthy, no wife or children to support.

    Enjoy everything you can do on the spur-of-the-moment.(Hunting, fishing, road trips, loved ones and friends. It can all disappear in a heartbeat, literally.
    You look great, feel great, have it all in front of you:grab the happy!

    79 days ago
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